From the Archives of New Life Live, This Show Originally Aired January 29, 2004

Topics: Confrontation, Adult Children, Anger, Engagement, Depression, Sexual Integrity, Blended Families, Boundaries
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. John Townsend, Dr. Henry Cloud

Caller Questions:

  1. Is it a good thing to go into conflict?
  2. My 18yo daughter left home 2wks ago because she is afraid of her dad’s emotional abuse.
  3. How do I handle my wife of 3yrs threatening to leave every time we disagree about finances or spiritual doctrine?
  4. My 29yo son is getting married and has anger issues; is there anything I can do for him?
  5. Can depression cause my 33yo daughter to molest a 15yo boy, have a lesbian relationship, and still have sex with her husband?
  6. How do I get along with my stepkids that have no boundaries like my stepsister?

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