Topics: MarriageSalvationIntimacyParentingBullying 
Hosts: Dr. John TownsendDr. Sheri Keffer

Caller Questions:

  1. My wife has guilt from surviving an accident and has short affairs to cope. 
  2. What more can I do to get my husband interested in intimacy after 20yrs of marriage? 
  3. Should I stay with my husband of 3yrs who I feel is scamming me financially because he won’t get a job? 
  4. How does our family heal after watching the horrific video of my 16yo daughter being attacked by bullies? 

Suggested Resources:
Boundaries in Marriage
Healing Is a Choice

This is the Marriage Solution Weekend Workshop testimony John read on the radio today:

Before coming to the New Life Marriage Weekend, our marriage was broken, hopeless, and ready for divorce. This weekend was amazing and the best weekend of my life. It has been painful and purposeful! There have been too many God moments to count. I am walking away changed for the better, and am so excited about the new woman I am. I am leaving with hope for my marriage and excitement about the future. I now have tools and resources to improve my marriage and, in turn, I am leaving the workshop with the best gift for my kids – a good marriage! Jaime

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