Topics: ShameAngerSexual IntegrityCodependencyAffairsPornography
Hosts: Steve ArterburnMilan Yerkovich, Chris Williams

Caller Questions:

  1. How do I help my friend who is angry and emotionally stuck after his wife left him? 
  2. I caught my husband with porn 2yrs ago and now I don’t trust him with our handicapped daughter. 
  3. After listening to the Codependency CD, what is my next step to deal with my husband’s crack rehab? 
  4. How do I get God’s forgiveness for my two affairs? My wife already forgave me. 
  5. My husband is in his late 60’s and says he can’t help looking at other women; is that true? 
  6. What can I do for my young adult sons who live at home and admitted to porn? 

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