Topics: HomosexualityNarcissistAffairsAdult ChildrenDatingPremarital CounselingAlcohol
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Becky Brown, Director of the New Life Counseling Network

Caller Questions:

  1. I am gay; what am I supposed to do biblically? 
  2. How can you identify a narcissist and how do they get help? 
  3. What do you do when a parent gives money to their daughter for mental health, but she spends it? 
  4. A woman who is not willing to have sex sets up her husband to have an affair; why don’t you talk about that? 
  5. When love blinds you, how do you recognize the little voice saying a relationship will not work out? 
  6. How do we deal with family members who secretly drink in the car during our non-alcohol Thanksgiving? 

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