Topics: PregnancyDrug AbuseAnxietyMoldAlzheimersMedication
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. Sheri Keffer, Special Guest Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, author and pioneer in brain SPECT imaging

Caller Questions:

  1. Does my 2yo granddaughter headbang because her mom took methadone while she was pregnant? 
  2. Does anxiety medication affect one’s brain, and can supplements be taken instead? 
  3. Have you treated people with chemical sensitivities after being exposed to mold? 
  4. Could my father’s frontal lobe damage cause narcissistic behavior? 
  5. My 90yo mother has advanced Alzheimer’s; how can I protect my brain? 
  6. How do antibiotics help me function after bacterial damage? 

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