Overcoming a Lousy PastFamilies have the ability to influence the person you will become – good or bad!

Typically family dysfunction drives you either to overcompensate for what is lacking in your relationships, or to rely more fully upon God to transform those experiences for His good. For example: you may have received messages from your family of origin that now are contributing to patterns of sin in your life.

Maybe your father told you you’d never amount to anything, and now your life is set on proving him wrong through an obsession with work and success.

Maybe your infatuation with internet pornography began with those magazines you found in your grandfather’s garage.

Whether the aching pain of loss from your past has led you to overwork, overeat, rage, view pornography, drink alcohol, or overspend, you must realize that these escape tactics will still leave you with gnawing anxiety and a sense of emptiness.

So how do you overcome the painful past and take responsibility for your life? By letting your fears and disappointments move you closer to God!
It is true that you have been sinned against, but you’re also responding sinfully to these circumstances.

Will you seek God’s forgiveness today and begin to take responsibility for yourself – thereby breaking the curse of sin in your life and the lives of your family? Although there may be moments (even seasons) of difficulty and disappointment, the long-term results of a lifestyle of purity are worth it. And for every moment or season of obstacles and challenges, we are assured that God’s grace is sufficient!

If you’re needing additional resources to overcome your past, we can help! If you’ve not yet joined a Sustained Victory group, call us at 800-NEW-LIFE (639- 5433). We can also recommend one of our many audio, video, and print resources and help you find a Christian counselor or Life Recovery Group in your area.