ABBA Father,

You are the Most High God, the creator of heaven and earth and You breathed life into me. You are the same God of Abraham, God of David, God of Daniel, and You are my God.

Father, I cry out for You. Life here surrounded by all the beauty of Your creation leaves a void only You can fill. It pains me to know how far mankind has fallen. The lies have grown more daring and more provocative. My fellow man has turned his back and received Your enemies as teachers of light and of truth. Even I, who know the truth am afraid of the lies. Not because of their influence over me but because of the power they wield over those I care about.

I am a sinner.

I have failed You in countless ways and yet You blot out my iniquities and keep no memory of my confessed transgressions. You pour out Your love and forgiveness for me and You restore me. In the Holy name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I confess my sins against You. I’ve hid in shame from confessing Your name. I’ve placed unreasonably high value on how I’m perceived instead of being a reflection of Your ever-loving grace. I don’t think anyone would ever know I am a follower of Christ simply by knowing me. By this, I have lied to everyone. I’ve lied to everyone who knows not of my faith. I’ve lied to those who know of my faith by not living it outwardly. I’ve lied to myself through reason and logic to keep me luke warm or even less than that. I have lied to You, Father, with every prayer from a corrupt mind and weak spirit. Forgive me, in Jesus’ name.

I am a lustful man.

I’ve sinned against every woman I’ve ever professed caring for. I’ve spoken words of love to only betray them with my eyes, my mind and my body. I’ve led many to sin with me and have done nothing to draw any of them closer to You. I’ve desecrated Your temple and defiled the dwelling of Your Holy Spirit. I stain that which You have made clean but the blood of the Lamb of God cannot be corrupted. You continue to purify that which You have claimed as Your own. Your word says I will not be tempted in ways that I cannot resist. Even in the greatest of my follies, You have corrected my path and opened my eyes. Forgive me for using my mind and body for evil. Forgive the daughters I’ve sinned with. Though they may not seek You, I place them at Your feet, by prayer and in faith, that they may be reached and see the error of their ways. I repent of these sins and ask for knowledge of anything I must confess.

I thank You for all You have provided. Looking back, I’ve never really ever been in need of anything. I’ve not been hungry, nor cold, nor without the basic comforts of this material world. I thank You for the trials of life. The moments that call us to lean on You for strength. While understanding may not always be part of the plan, I can rest in knowing You will never forsake me. I thank You for the lessons. The hard ones and the expensive ones. I thank You for the growth that comes from them.

Thank You for this wonderful day. The challenges were great but You saw me through with little to no blemish. No matter how bad I put myself in a situation You watched over me and kept me whole. You opened my eyes to new things and brought healthy new beginnings. My gaze is fixed on Your light so that the light of the Most High God shines in me.

Father, in Jesus’ name, I ask for a partner to live the rest of my days with. A wife who knows You, who loves You and who honors You. A woman pleasing to You who who can be the mother of my children and teach them, as my mother taught me, that above all else, even mom and dad, You come first and the gift of salvation comes only through Christ. I’ve gone my own way for far too long. I’ve lost precious time chasing after the wind. What I once thought was true, I give up to You and claim Your blessings. I find myself sometimes sad and lonely wanting to seek out comfort. I ask that You fortify my convictions and steer me away from anyone who would have me sin against You. I pray for deliverance and freedom from the entrapments of my mind. That I may receive Your gifts with an open and sincere heart. Bless the labors of these hands so that I may honor You in my work and harvest good fruit. Not just fruits of work but fruits of the spirit. There is something missing in my life and I know it can only be filled by You. No one can fill that hole and nothing can provide any substance. It’s as if everything outside of You is a let down in the end. Perhaps this is why I’ve not received what my heart seeks. I put my trust in Your prefect ways and in Your perfect timing. To always bring what I need right when You say I’m ready.

In the might name of Christ Jesus.