“What New Life Means to Me”

Recently we sent out an email asking our ministry friends and Club New Life members to share what New Life means to them. Here are a few of their powerful responses.

I first discovered New Life after several years of dealing with our son’s substance abuse. We were involved in a program called Families Anonymous which was extremely helpful. It is a 12 step type program but not Christian. I began listening to New Life on satellite radio. Although my life was not in direct crisis at the time, I found the radio programs very helpful in day to day living. It wasn’t long before I became a Club New Life Member. I even got my husband to listen with me. He said he would do anything I wanted as long as I didn’t call New Life about him! I find Steve and the counselors to always be spot on with whatever discussion comes up. I really like the way that they can get right to the heart of the matter at hand. My husband (whom you guys pray for) has Stage 4 Melanoma. We are always encouraged by what is said on the radio program. I have most of the books from New Life and find them quite useful. I share them with others when I see a need. It is wonderful to have such literature available. At the end of the day, New Life helps us get through life in a healthy way.
New Life podcasts have been a lifeline for me.  I am in a sometimes difficult marriage, and almost always when I find myself going codependent, I realize I haven’t listened to the radio show for a week.  It helps anchor me on truth.
I would like to share with you how New Life has changed my life. When I was down to absolutely “nothing” just running on fumes. I heard New Life/Steve & his guest hosts speaking about somethings that were really troubling me. I had no one to turn to that understood what I was going through.
Listening to Steve, Sheri, Dave and others gave me a different perspective of individuals that I deal with in my family… anger, depression, borderline personality disorders, dysfunction, substance abuse…. Listening to New Life helped to approach all individuals with LOVE.
My world has changed so much for the better by just learning how to deal with issues from a positive perspective. Now I’m working on passing it on to others. I refer many friends and family to New Life Ministries.
New Life podcast has helped me so much during a very hard divorce from a narcissist.  Along with a wonderful counselor and listening to New Life Live!. My prayers were answered.  I prayed for a year during my marriage ( think…war room) God sent me the right people to give me the strength to separate from my husband.
During the separation my husband filed for divorce and didn’t want to get the help he needed. (Alcohol, anger issues, sex addiction). He has now remarried less than a year from our divorce.  This did not surprise me.
I am doing better each day! Praising God in all circumstances! I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you all for your wonderful advice and prayers.  I have joined Club New Life and I tell many to start listening! Thank you and God Bless you all.
I wanted to let you know that I found New Life Live! after listening to Steve Arterburn on another podcast. I was going through some big struggles in my marriage because my husband had recently been diagnosed with Bipolar II which had caused us so much heartache and trial, and finding a podcast with Christian counselors was a true God send at a point in my life and marriage when I truly needed it. I joined Club New Life a few months after I began listening and it was the best decision I’ve made. I’ve since ordered several books as resources to help myself and some family members. Also, my marriage is in a much better place now and I will be a loyal listener and supporter as long as I live. I listen to each and every show and pray for many of the other callers.
Thank you ALL for your ministry!

New Life has been a critical part to MY recovery of having low self-esteem and not knowing how much the Lord loves me.  I have been on my recovery journey with you for about 18 years.  Through you I became strong.  I believe in your ministry so much.

Unfortunately my ex husband (who attended EMB) would not pay the price of recovery.  Next month we would have been married 49 years.  He divorced me in March.  It’s a tragedy, but I press on…..

New Life has helped me to see the importance of having a group of women to support me.  I have learned to have a voice.

I don’t know what the Lord has for my future,  but I know who holds the future.

New Life has prepared me for my future.

Thank you very much.   KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

I am lucky I have a job where I can listen to the radio and I make sure I am at my desk every day so I can listen to New Life, because I need the wisdom and guidance I get from such kind and wonderful counselors.  Last year my best friend passed away from a long battle with cancer and New Life helped me get thru that,  so I decided after 12 years of listening to join Club New life.

I also went to Finding Freedom in Costa Mesa which was amazing and for a woman who has lived in the shadow of inferiority all my life,  I finally see a crack in the door where the light of freedom is clearly visible.  For some people that may not seem like much,  but for me,  it offered a hope I could not see before.  I love our Lord,  but I just couldn’t overcome the worthlessness I have always felt.  I’m not rich and I had to sacrifice in order to pay for the workshop, but the price didn’t seem too much to find freedom from the prison I have lived in for almost 60 years.  I found a new friend at the workshop,  which is amazing.  I can finally step into recovery and will be joining a recovery group.  I can look in the mirror and see I tiny bit of what could be,  instead of what was, and I can take all I have learned to the homeless community I serve, and I use the insight I have gained,  all the time, when I talk to people,  in all aspects of my life.  I have a long way to go,  but I am finally on the road of recovery, and I know I will meet many people along the way and I am excited!  I am not inferior,  because my God is superior!

Thank you New Life for caring and giving all of us out here in radio land such heartfelt counseling .  All of the hosts have such great insight and encouraging words to help each of us step into recovery.  You help us look at ourselves and take responsibility for our side of the street!  You all are truly a blessing and I am blessed being able to give a small amount to keep New Life alive.  Keep up the great work!

Started listening when I was in my early 20s after retail shifts.  You helped me to first realize that my coworkers weren’t just sinners I was supposed to pity and witness to.  

You helped me see that they were they were people who were the same as a lot of Christians, but going through life without Jesus – which was way tougher.  

You helped me learn how Jesus responds to the real life everyday job of living and I was equipped to give practical Biblical advice to my coworkers who were of different faiths and creeds.

You also helped me find freedom from my overbearing parents and learn to put boundaries between me and them and extended family members.

You also taught me how to say no and recognize stupidity. Not an easy lesson for a naive girl who grew up sheltered in church life.

I’ve been listening to New Life for many years. I’ve attended 2 workshops and have gone on 2 trips with you all.  I think I’ve read almost every book you’ve published, especially while I was in my previous marriage and struggling with trying to improve that marriage and myself.  My therapist told me I was the best read client he ever had! 

I really wish I could put into words what this ministry has meant to me, but I wouldn’t even know where to start!  I’ve grown so much since being part of New Life and I tell others about your ministry all of the time.  I support you because I believe in what you do and know that all of your counsel comes from a Biblical point of view, which is important to me.  The workshop I went to in Dallas was very enlightening.  I’ll never forget these words my counselor said to me… “put the club down”…I had been beating myself up and believing things about myself that were not true. 

The trip I took to Israel came right after my marriage of 29 years had dissolved and this time helped with my healing process.  I met so many wonderful people, including my roommate who is now a counselor for New Life.  The trip to Greece a couple of years ago was so much fun; you all organize the best trips!

Well, these words really don’t give justice to the impact your ministry has had on my life, but please know that what you do makes huge differences in peoples lives every day and I am so very thankful for all of you.

As an emerging Christian counselor, I am always looking for effective trainings, resources, and tools for my personal and professional development.  I first came across your ministry through Dr. Henry Cloud’s presentation from a video leadership series through another ministry where he mentioned that he does a radio show called New Life Live.  I looked it up online, and started to listen to past shows from the internet.  Well, I was hooked.  So, I downloaded the app on my smartphone because the hosts are superior, to say the least.  I confess:  I am addict (to New Life).  They model to me what an exemplar Christian sounds like — in their calling as professional people helpers (psychologists, psychiatrists, pastors, and counselors).  The integration of sound research, theology, spirituality, and comedy is exceptional.  I admire how well they ‘triage’ the issues with outstanding care and compassion — asking excellent questions; shedding wisdom, insight, education, keen advice, and suggestions; and skillfully spurring, encouraging, and exhorting towards growth, courage, and change.  You call people out with respect, kindness, discernment, and assertiveness.  You ultimately are speaking truth in love incarnate.
I turned my sister onto your show.  She heard about one of the workshops, and attended one recently because she was feeling stuck.  She was already seeing a Christian counselor for a few sessions, but felt lead to check out the workshop.  She said it was a breakthrough experience, gaining much insight and healing.  So she decided to stop seeing her counselor for now, since the workshop gave her what she needed, and overall saving her weeks of counseling.
A few weeks into listening to the broadcasts, it just made sense to partner as a Club New Life member.  Membership provides rich continuing education as a professional counselor.  When I obtain full licensure and the minimum practice years, I will apply and hope to be part of the counselors referral network.  In the meantime, I will continue to get equipped with your resources which I also use with my clients:  videos, articles, books, and broadcasts.  
Overall, thank you and may God bless you, for the holy work that enriches lives, provides healing, and promotes freedom.  Keep it up!

My husband and I have been Club New Life members for several years. We lost our income due to health care problems and had to make some hard choices. There were ministries that we had supported and had to back down from, but New Life was never considered to be dropped. This is one reason why…

Your people who call and ask if I need prayer are so wonderful. I’ve had cancer several times, and my husband has stage 4 cancer, but we were always encouraged by the prayer warriors and shown much love.  Your books are incredible. I have so many, but I have to say my personal favorites are 100 Days of Prayer and I 100 Days of  Peace. I could go on and on about the wonders of your ministry, but I know you need time to take care of other things. 

Thank you for everything, and I truly mean that. 

I am a Club New Life member. I found the radio show several years ago. I’d say it was “by accident,” however I no longer believe in such things. Rather, I know it was God leading me there.  While I do enjoy the books from being a Club New Life member,  the radio show and CD’s are my favorite things.  The staff is real, honest, accepting,  and loving.  I never hear judgment or shame from any of them. It’s just love.

I listen to the CD’s on road trips and the radio show whenever I can. I especially love the staff’s knowledge and support of recovery..12 step or not.  I’ve been a member of Al-Anon for 8 years now, and that is where I first experienced God.

So thank you to you and all of the staff.  Truly, you’ve touched my heart and allowed me to hear the voice of God.

New life has changed my life. I was your typical Christian man who struggled with porn from  childhood never thinking I had an addiction. I was able to keep the secret from my wife several years. After discovering me the second time I did the typical thing and said I had prayed and I had it under control. Well we all know how that works. In 2012 she started listening to new life on XM and in May of 2013 caught me again. This time she was better able to confront me and I realized I was out of control she said to look into New Life and the workshop if I really wanted help. June 28th I flew to Denver to attend EMB. That workshop was the beginning of a recovery that is going on 6 years. I did 2 years of Sustained victory as well as local counseling. My counselor encouraged me to share with other men which has continued ever since. My wife and I now come along side men and women that are struggling as the result of Porn. She has attended Restore and I have gotten 5 of the men I’ve worked with to go to EMB. We have taken what God has done for us threw New Life and used it to minister to others. We keep a supply of your books and materials in our library to give to the ones God has brought our way. I listen to your podcast regularly which has helped when leading the groups. We just celebrated 47 years of marriage it could have ended 6 years ago if not for what you do in your Ministry. Worthy of Her trust is required reading for the husbands that come to me and EMB is strongly suggested if they really want to make a change. Jason and Shelly’s story are referred to a lot in our conversations with the couples we mentor.
Thank you again for what you do we are proud to be a member of Club New Life.


The following paragraphs are in response to your request for our experiences of how New Life has affected our lives …
My recovery from sex addiction began on September 5 2017.  I began looking for counseling help, and was discouraged and disappointed by how difficult it was to find faith-based counseling.  Within a few days God lead me to New Life, and I quickly registered for the next available Every Man’s Battle Workshop, and attended the one held in Pittsburgh in October of 2017.  Upon returning home, I signed up for Sustained Victory.  My wife attended Restore in Washington DC in December of 2017.  We have read several dozen of books, both before and after our workshops.  I receive and read the  daily emails from New Life.  We also have received counseling as a couple from New Life referred counselors.
Those workshops and what God taught us through them has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery and sexual purity, as well as my wife’s healing and restoration.
We are approaching 22 months on our recovery and restoration journey.  We still have difficult days. God has been good to us.  We are committed to continue this journey for the rest of our days.  We are thankful for the many resources God has provided, of which New Life played a significance role.
We are confident that God will see us through, and the best is yet to come.
May God Richly Bless New Life and all those involved, and may God multiply back to the New Life staff the investment you have all made into His Kingdom.

When I think about what New Life has done for me I think of how much I owe New Life. When I attended EMB 2 years ago and saw how many men had the same problem as I, I could not believe it. It gave me hope for the first time in my 61 years of living. I owe New Life for that seed that is still growing in my life.  My 30 dollars a month, which I increased to 40 last Friday, is what I hope will grow New Life as I have grown. Keep it up and may the God of heaven and earth bless you.

I can’t even begin to explain how New Life has benefited our marriage, family and the good I’ve seen it do for others. From EMB to several other marriage workshops we’ve attended, the Lord is using you all in a powerful way. And this is coming from a man who for decades dismissed  “psychology”. We whole-heartedly support New Life and belong to Club New Life, because the Lord uses you to change lives. At life’s end, I may have regrets, but supporting New Life will not be one of them.

My wife and I still say that the marriage intensive is the best thing we have ever done for our marriage.  It was instrumental in saving something that was headed for divorce.  Thank you for all you do.

10 Testimonies About New Life

“I lost my husband to a post-surgical infection . . . Later, during my grieving time, I called in to your broadcast to share that I was tired of well-meaning Christians giving me platitudes and Scripture, and that my desire was for someone to just SIT with me, CRY with me, HURT with me . . . The reason I’m sending this letter is to let you hear just one more example of how the Lord uses your ministry to meet the needs of the Body of Christ.

I stumbled upon your New Life Broadcast about 3 years ago and have experienced more healing than I ever knew I had need of. I hear the same relief & hope in the voice of so many of your callers as you dispense your wisdom with down-to-earth practicality & humor. I was raised in a “toxic faith” church that left me powerless to live “their Christian life.” I felt doomed to an eternity in hell and cried out to God . . . Gradually, through your “voice” . . . I realized He already loved me and had died for me, I had only to accept His gift. I could never “earn” it!’

“I came here wondering if anyone would really care about me. I don’t have an enormous amount of weight to lose but I still struggle with the same issues you do when it comes to our beloved friend, “Food.” I learned that the anger I have hanging on to has created a monster. I have had to ask myself, “How bad do I want to say goodbye to my best friend, food.??” I want to be free from the bondage it has had on me. I am ready to “gain back” what food has stolen from me . . . joy, abundant life, contentment and peace. Thank you for truly caring about me just the way I am.

I came here filled with tremendous resentment and mistrust. I was raised to mistrust anything that smacked of psychobabble, or anything that made me feel like I couldn’t pull myself up by my own bootstraps. The workshop let me see that there is nothing inherently spiritual about going it alone. I leave with seven men who share my pain, my struggle, and my desire for victory . . . Perhaps the greatest blessing, however, was the constant affirmation in each session of my inherent worth to God. I leave here finally comprehending the fact that I matter to God. I am so precious to Him that He sacrificed His precious Son for me.

Before coming to this workshop I was stuck. I allowed my pain and past hurts to rule my life. And I wanted life to be all about me, my hurts and my suffering. I wanted to be in control and only my views to count. This weekend has been eye opening as to how selfish I am. Additionally, how much I let my sexual abuse continually ruin my life even while it’s not happening any more. My outlook has changed. I want to grieve my losses and embrace my life. I leave here with hope and a desire to connect. I’m ready to start the process of healing so I can live again. New Life cares and I know, even more, God cares. And that God loves me, hurts and all.

Before coming to your workshop I was at a loss. My grandson drowned, my mother and my father died, my sister was murdered. I was an empty shell just moving through life, unable to trust anyone . . . This weekend has been the beginning of spiritual and emotional healing in my life, understanding that all that has touched my life was not unnoticed by a loving God. I leave here with hope for a life, not necessarily without pain, but realizing now that healing is my choice, and I choose to embrace my future.

“I am drained. I have opened and talked about stuff I have never talked about before. I am not sure where this will go and not sure how I will handle this release. Nor do I know how this will impact my relationship with my wife. It is a very uneasy path I am taking but I believe God is saying believe in me and I will guide you for I am with you and I have brought forth men to walk that path with you.

“I came a son—ashamed, lonely, and hurting, but a son nonetheless. God reached down and reminded me that a son is a son forever and He adopted me as a son and as such He will always love me as a son. I understand my love for my son and my capacity to love my son no matter what. How much greater then is God’s love for me as a son.

I just returned from Afghanistan and I wished that I had more of your books to give out to Soldiers and their wives back home! So many of my Infantry Soldiers were touched by the honesty and heartbreaking truth of impurity, but also they were touched by the possibility of recovery and oneness with the Lord Jesus and their wives back home! One man shared that he came to Afghanistan to get away from his wife. However, he was invited to our Chapel in Kandahar and met the Lord Jesus, was baptized and started to study the Word of God at the Every Man Bible Study! What a change came over him as he followed Christ.

“Your ministry is helping me keep from walking around a basketful of tears. From huddling in my bed in a fetal position. From lashing out at my kids with anger. Your ministry is literally my lifeline right now in the pain and suffering. A lifeline to God’s word. A lifeline to God. Your job is literally keeping people sane and functional during extreme hardship and crisis and sadness and loss. Your job is saving people’s lives. NLM is saving people’s lives. Maybe not like a medical Dr., but spiritual and mental. You all are helping me save my life. From where I could go . . . to where I need to go.