1. I lost my husband to a post-surgical infection . . . Later, during my grieving time, I called in to your broadcast to share that I was tired of well-meaning Christians giving me platitudes and Scripture, and that my desire was for someone to just SIT with me, CRY with me, HURT with me . . . The reason I’m sending this letter is to let you hear just one more example of how the Lord uses your ministry to meet the needs of the Body of Christ.” San Bernardino, California
  2. I stumbled upon your New Life Broadcast about 3 years ago and have experienced more healing than I ever knew I had need of. I hear the same relief & hope in the voice of so many of your callers as you dispense your wisdom with down-to-earth practicality & humor. I was raised in a “toxic faith” church that left me powerless to live “their Christian life.” I felt doomed to an eternity in hell and cried out to God . . . Gradually, through your “voice” . . . I realized He already loved me and had died for me, I had only to accept His gift. I could never “earn” it!” Houlton, Maine
  3. I came a son—ashamed, lonely, and hurting, but a son nonetheless. God reached down and reminded me that a son is a son forever and He adopted me as a son and as such He will always love me as a son. I understand my love for my son and my capacity to love my son no matter what. How much greater then is God’s love for me as a son.” Workshop attendee
  4. I am drained. I have opened and talked about stuff I have never talked about before. I am not sure where this will go and not sure how I will handle this release. Nor do I know how this will impact my relationship with my wife. It is a very uneasy path I am taking but I believe God is saying believe in me and I will guide you for I am with you and I have brought forth men to walk that path with you.” Workshop attendee
  5. Before coming to your workshop I was at a loss. My grandson drowned, my mother and my father died, my sister was murdered. I was an empty shell just moving through life, unable to trust anyone . . . This weekend has been the beginning of spiritual and emotional healing in my life, understanding that all that has touched my life was not unnoticed by a loving God. I leave here with hope for a life, not necessarily without pain, but realizing now that healing is my choice, and I choose to embrace my future.” Workshop Attendee
  6. Before coming to this workshop I was stuck. I allowed my pain and past hurts to rule my life. And I wanted life to be all about me, my hurts and my suffering. I wanted to be in control and only my views to count. This weekend has been eye opening as to how selfish I am. Additionally, how much I let my sexual abuse continually ruin my life even while it’s not happening any more. My outlook has changed. I want to grieve my losses and embrace my life. I leave here with hope and a desire to connect. I’m ready to start the process of healing so I can live again. New Life cares and I know, even more, God cares. And that God loves me, hurts and all.” Workshop Attendee
  7. I came here filled with tremendous resentment and mistrust. I was raised to mistrust anything that smacked of psychobabble, or anything that made me feel like I couldn’t pull myself up by my own bootstraps. The workshop let me see that there is nothing inherently spiritual about going it alone. I leave with seven men who share my pain, my struggle, and my desire for victory . . . Perhaps the greatest blessing, however, was the constant affirmation in each session of my inherent worth to God. I leave here finally comprehending the fact that I matter to God. I am so precious to Him that He sacrificed His precious Son for me.” Workshop Attendee
  8. I came here wondering if anyone would really care about me. I don’t have an enormous amount of weight to lose but I still struggle with the same issues you do when it comes to our beloved friend, “Food.” I learned that the anger I have hanging on to has created a monster. I have had to ask myself, “How bad do I want to say goodbye to my best friend, food.??” I want to be free from the bondage it has had on me. I am ready to “gain back” what food has stolen from me . . . joy, abundant life, contentment and peace. Thank you for truly caring about me just the way I am.” Workshop Attendee
  9. I just returned from Afghanistan and I wished that I had more of your books to give out to Soldiers and their wives back home! So many of my Infantry Soldiers were touched by the honesty and heartbreaking truth of impurity, but also they were touched by the possibility of recovery and oneness with the Lord Jesus and their wives back home! One man shared that he came to Afghanistan to get away from his wife. However, he was invited to our Chapel in Kandahar and met the Lord Jesus, was baptized and started to study the Word of God at the Every Man Bible Study! What a change came over him as he followed Christ.” American Soldier
  10. Your ministry is helping me keep from walking around a basketful of tears. From huddling in my bed in a fetal position. From lashing out at my kids with anger. Your ministry is literally my lifeline right now in the pain and suffering. A lifeline to God’s word. A lifeline to God. Your job is literally keeping people sane and functional during extreme hardship and crisis and sadness and loss. Your job is saving people’s lives. NLM is saving people’s lives. Maybe not like a medical Dr., but spiritual and mental. You all are helping me save my life. From where I could go . . . to where I need to go.” Washington, D.C.