Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value a man who speaks the truth. – Proverbs 16:13

Truth and Lies

A ship called the Globe arrived on the shores of Hawaii in 1825. The crew was far outnumbered by thousands of dark-skinned islanders, but amazingly, the native people treated the crew members like gods. The crew’s fair skin, glimmering brass buttons, and huge ship impressed the islanders. In addition, the crew perpetrated a lie, convincing the islanders that they could easily overpower them with supernatural force.

Penned into a journal of the voyage that day was this profound entry: “So ready is the human mind to receive for truth, what it cannot comprehend, that it may be at variance with everything in nature or reason.”

Little has changed in the minds of men and women since the Globe’s voyage. Much of what is passed off as truth, or at least knowledge, is a lie.

How do you know what to believe? A piano tuner depends upon a tuning fork that vibrates the precise number of times which defines the perfect note, A, on the musical scale, and against which all other keys on the piano are tuned. We have the Bible, against which all other “truths” of the world are measured.

– Steve Arterburn

Our truth of nowadays is not what is, but what others can be convinced of. –¬†Michel de Montaigne