Lose it for Life - A weight loss workshop

Do you want to live free of obsessions and compulsions in your eating habits? Do you want to resolve the inner conflicts overloading your life and triggering your eating? If you are ready to begin a comprehensive plan that provides freedom in every area of your life, this intensive is for you!

The weight we carry on the outside is often a result of the burdens encumbering us on the inside. If we can reduce our inner burdens of guilt, shame, stress, fear, grief, anger, disappointment, regret, and rejection; we can reduce the outer layers that reflect these inner struggles. In fact, if we can apply God’s light to the dark places of our soul, we will remove the need to eat in excess as a defective means to find comfort and relief.

The Lose It For Life Intensive is more than a food plan. It addresses the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  It incorporates the latest research, practical steps and biblical truth for achieving long-term success.

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