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“They helped me fully mend that torn portion of my heart.” – NLW:FF attendee

“I was nervous about the groups but that was the best part of the weekend. Those women poured so much in to me and it was beyond fulfilling.” – NLW:FF attendee

“I came wounded, shameful, hurting. I am leaving empowered, loved, hopeful, secure and ready with a plan to walk through my anger and come out stronger on the other side.” – NLW:FF attendee

“This is the first time I have felt loved by women. The Lord set me free from my mother’s story about me not being good enough. I don’t have to prove I am good enough anymore. I finally now have hope that there is a future for me and I am part of God’s plan.” – NLW:FF attendee

Workshop Speaker:

Steve Arterburn

Speaker and host of New Life Live!

Throughout this weekend workshop, we will discuss various topics to help you find freedom such as:

  • Reactive vs responsive life
  • Authentic relationships
  • Grieving the losses of your life
  • Forgiveness and surrender
  • Obsessions of the mind
  • Family of origin
  • Codependency
  • Attachment styles
  • Cycle of shame

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