3 Obstacles That Keep Us From Setting Healthy Boundaries

We all know we should have healthy boundaries, so why don’t we set them? Dr. John Townsend, author of the best-selling book “Boundaries,” breaks down the top three obstacles that keep us from defining our limits and protecting ourselves. Watch the video.


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How To Spot A Toxic Church

Not all churches are created equal. Some have an ego all of their own, and shame their members or insist that they be inauthentic and fake. How can you tell if your church is toxic? Steve Arterburn has five rules to help you figure out if your place of worship is a sick church, or the real thing. Watch the video.


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Is Sex Addiction Like Alcoholism?

In this segment of “Ask Me Anything”, Julie wrote in with a questions regarding sexual addiction and alcoholism. She is wondering if these addictions have similar traits. So, Dr. Dave Stoop is answering Julie’s inquiry and explaining how these addictions can manifest themselves in your life, and what she, and all of us, can do to work on them! Click here to watch the video.


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Fear of Rejection

The fear of not being liked or accepted or hired can be paralyzing. How do you deal with it? Watch as Steve shares his own personal  experiences with rejection. Click here to watch.


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What Causes Sex Addiction?

Lisa is wondering what causes sexual addiction. She wrote in to describe what’s been going on in her marriage, but before they answer, Dr. Dave Stoop and Jason Martinkus want to examine the question she’s asking. Today, they’ll talk about what may really be going on in Lisa’s marriage. Watch the video.

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Setting a Long Overdue Boundary

A woman left a comment on our website about what sounds like a small problem- her husband kept bringing home unexpected dinner guests and it was driving her crazy. Henry Cloud and I gave her some advice on how to set a boundary, because the truth is, you can’t control the behavior of other people, you can only control your own actions. Watch the video.


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Relationship Red Flags

Jill Hubbard, Milan Yerkovich and I are here to save you from marrying the wrong person. We’ve got some relationship “red flags” and if too many of these are popping up in your current relationship, you may be with Mr. or Miss Wrong! Click below to watch the video.

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Saving a Young Man and His Marriage

Jason Martinkus is a brave young man. He nearly lost his marriage to sexual addiction. Now, on New Life TV, he discusses his transformation that began with a brutally honest car ride through Texas with his wife. Watch the video.


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Special Message from Steve Arterburn

Steve Arterburn is a teaching pastor at his home church, in Indianapolis.  On Father’s Day, Steve preached a powerful message addressing both Father’s Day and the tragic shooting in South Carolina.  Click the play button on the video to watch.

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Below is the information Steve mentions in this sermon about the upcoming weekend workshops:

New Life’s Healing is a Choice workshop is coming to Washington, DC July 24-26. Based on Steve Arterburn’s book of the same title, you’ll learn the 10 healing choices to make and the 10 lies that Satan would have you believe to prevent your entering the healing path. So whether it’s anxiety, anger, the pain of past abuse, unforgiveness, depression, the guilt and shame of a past abortion, not having boundaries, just feeling stuck, or whatever you’re struggling with, this is the workshop for you.

If your marriage has hit a bump, or if you feel it’s on it’s last leg, on the same weekend we also conduct our Marriage Solution Weekend.  There are other marriage weekend conferences, but New Life’s is unlike anything else out there. Don’t give up on your marriage without attending our Marriage Solution Weekend.

Call 800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433) today and ask about either of these weekend workshops.  You’ll be glad you did!


Preparing for an Empty Nest

Now that so many kids are graduating, transitioning from being parents with children at home to roosting in an “empty nest,” means getting ready for a whole new kind of life. You need develop interests and activities in a whole new way to enjoy life after your kids grow up and leave home. Click here to watch the video.


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