Taking Responsibility

Some Christians are waiting for God to do what God is waiting for them to do…and that’s taking responsibility for our own actions as they relate to our spiritual growth. We have to be willing to be responsible, and not just pray for God to take care of it for us. Watch the video for more.

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Run Over by a Cheating Spouse

If you’ve been the injured party in a sexual betrayal, it can feel like you’ve been the innocent victim in a terribly malicious car crash. It’s the metaphor I use to approach this reality. But what I know from personal experience is that the trauma of this crash doesn’t end with the initial impact. Watch the video.

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If She Weren’t Family, I’d Sue Her!

Just before Heidi’s father passed away, he loaned a large sum of money to her aunt.  Now she and her brother are due the repayment as part of his estate, but her aunt won’t pay the bill. It’s frustrating for Heidi, who wants family peace, too. Watch the video for more.

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Is Shame So Bad For Kids?

Using shame as a way to send a strong message to children is nothing new, but is it actually harmful? In this clip from today’s Daily Show, Jill Hubbard and Henry Cloud join me to discuss the real psychological damage that shaming can cause. Watch the clip.

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Parenting Millennials

These days, parenting young adults is a whole different ballgame than it was when we ourselves were young adults. Dr. Sheri Keffer and John Townsend have heard from many parents of Gen X & Gen Y twenty-somethings who just haven’t seemed able to “launch” into life. Many are overwhelmed by all the choices in life. What can parents do to empower their millennial? Watch the video for more.


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Unsafe to Share Feelings with a Spouse

In response to Milan’s segment “Ridiculed for Sharing” a few folks emailed and commented that the person who ridiculed them was their own husband! So here’s a follow up from Milan for people who don’t feel safe sharing with a spouse. Watch the video.


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Son Always Has to Be Right

Have you ever known someone who just has to win every argument and always be right, even if it damages the relationship? A woman wrote in who is having this experience with her son, and Dave Stoop and I have a couple of thoughts for her.  Watch More on New Life TV.


How To Help Without Enabling

This question really gets to the root of how we can be of service to our friends and family without becoming co-dependent and actually adding to their problems.   How do we help without enabling? Dr. Dave Stoop shares his thoughts in this video.


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Angry at the Lord

In this Ask Me Anything question, a viewer is feeling angry with God, and points Milan Yerkovitch to a particular Bible verse. Check out Milan’s explanation and discussion of displaced anger, and how common it can be to project anger at the Lord. Watch the video.


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Red Flags or Overreacting?

Joe is engaged to be married, but there is some negotiation going on between them in regards to their future living arrangements. Are these “red flags” that it’s not a match or is Joe overreacting to her viewpoints? Watch the video.


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