What is New Life TV?

You have probably been hearing about New Life TV for a few weeks now. We talk about it on the radio all the time and you have most likely seen the branding all over our website. But have you wondered what it is we do through this channel and how it is changing and transforming lives? Watch this short video to find out more . . .

Happy Easter

If you’re in church this Sunday, Easter Sunday, and the pastor says to you, “He is risen!”  We hope you can say with enthusiasm and joy, “He is risen, indeed!”  It’s an old Easter tradition that puts an exclamation point on the thought that Christ rose from the dead, and is alive today!  At New Life, we wish you a Happy Easter, and hope this weekend you’ll find a church to attend to hear a message of hope in what Christ accomplished on that first Easter. Enjoy this short Easter message from Steve Arterburn.

Boots on the Ground

Boots on the Ground

This past weekend, more than 60 men attended our monthly Every Man’s Battle Workshop. Hearts were touched, lives were changed and the men attending were equipped to wage war on the battle for their sexual integrity. Many found their armour, some learned how to take back what the enemy had stolen, others began a journey towards redemption and above all many learned that they have a gracious King who helps them, who goes before them and  can make them conquerors in their battle. Below are just a few testimonies from some of the attendees. If the battle for your sexual integrity is weighing you down, we can help you, call 800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433) today! We can help you get your boots on the ground!


I came here this weekend to find answers as to why I did what I did, and by the grace of god I found what I was looking for.  I now have more strength to fight the good fight. I believe in my heart that this is my last chance for my redemption story. I now have the tools and a band of brothers to continue on my journey of redemption. – Joshua 1:9. -  Benny

This is a life-saving ministry! I thank God that you exist and you are able to help.  I was deeply affected when Jason began sharing from his heart how he had hurt and damaged his wife.  That was a break through moment for me.  I felt the anointing of the cross and the deep wounds of Jesus. I could not stop the tears pouring down my face.  I deeply regret and am so remorseful for the damage that my addiction has caused. realize now that I need serious help and will only get it by being accountable to other men of faith.  Thank you for providing a group leader like Paul. – Cezar

I kept putting off attending this workshop because I did not believe that I could hear anything that would change my life and thinking. I was wrong! I now realize that I cannot do this on my own and now I have friends to turn to. – Don

I did not know what to expect from this weekend. I have learned that my wife was right about a lot of things that she had been telling me. It is hard to say that I have been so wrong about my outlook when it comes to women, but I have been. Thank you for the tools to change my behavior! - Doug

EMB is a course that every man truly should experience.  EMB brings out the truth by uncovering the deceptions that are so prevalent in our society. EMB is led by Christian counselors that are in the battle too.  EMB helped me by opening my eyes to the mistakes and traps that sin has caused.  Sin has shaken my life to the very core and has affected my walk with god, my marriage, and all of my important relationships. EMB has given me hope for healing and redemption in my walk of grace, love and truth in Christ.  EMB is a blessing to me. Thank you New Life Ministries. – Jim

This was the best $1,275.00 that I have ever spent, and it was worth every penny! I have learned more here about my addiction and myself than I have learned in the past 3 years in Celebrate Recovery. Jordan

One of the most encouraging aspects of this workshop was seeing the body of Christ extending a hand of grace in a very real way. The acceptance of people with all kinds of deep pain is amazing. Seeing them all praise and worship a forgiving God, that died for all of our sins was beautiful.  It was one of the clearest pictures of redemption and Christ’s kingdom that I have ever witnessed. Josh

I was a pastor who failed miserably in sexual sin and chose to live under the shame of that failure. My only goal had been to earn my wife’s forgiveness and the respect of those in my life. I now choose to live the redeemed life of a son and refuse to accept the shame of who I was. God will use me, because I am redeemed! – Anonymous

I was skeptical upon arriving at the workshop.  I was scared that i would get judged when I told my story. Being surrounded by men who have similar problems really made it much easier for me to open up. This weekend has changed my heart.  I am a child, a son of god, and I will live my life for Him, helping other people find their way to Christ. – Luke

I have always run from pain and confrontation. Now I realize that I need to embrace it and work through it. I learned this weekend that shame is at the core of that, and regardless of all I have done I can take off my mask. I can be victorious and embraced in Jesus Christ! –Mark

I entered this program with doubt that I wanted to continue my marriage. By the end, I was humbled and sorry for the pain that I have caused my wife. I left this weekend not knowing what was going to happen, but hopeful that I could live a better way with my wife. – Scott

This weekend has changed my life like no other, and I am very grateful!  I wish I had this 20 years ago as I have finally been given the tools through God to be able to love myself, because Jesus loves me.  With direction from the lord, I can now deal with the pain from my childhood, forgive, and understand the true meaning of intimacy.  I came to the workshop broken and am leaving healed (at least the healing process has begun).  I am leaving a more godly man, and feeling hopeful.  At the workshop I was taught to be a man, taught to build trust, and given tools, such as a battle plan, that will change my life.  I am so grateful, and I would give anything to get what I received at the workshop over this weekend.  Thank you! – Steven

We are at war!  This is REAL!  Failure to get the tools and armor needed to win this fight does indeed result in death of a marriage, family, spiritual light within, and death of the dreams and hopes to be the man, husband, father and friend that we once thought we would be.  With guidance of the Holy Word, EMB has shown me that no matter how messed up or far gone I think that I am, there is still hope for me.  Hope that my children can live a life equipped to deal with their pain as I model properly dealing with mine. God loves me and accepts me. I laughed and cried at EMB.  The words spoken to me by God through my group have struck me to my very core.  Shame is a thing of the past. Redemption, healing, love, and true intimacy lie ahead.  I now see life with a different set of eyes. My heart is filled with JOY! – Jhason

At the beginning of this workshop, my shame and guilt made me feel like I should disappear.  But I saw many wedding bands and decided to stay. Now I realize that my guilt is meant to help change my behavior, and the shame is meant to turn me back to Jesus my Savior, and I am trusting that my brokenness will be used for His glory. I have learned that anger, depression, anxiety, and fear are all internal triggers.  I have learned that thoughts that I am damaged and that I am unchangeable are lies from Satan.  But now I know that I have already been redeemed by the blood of Christ! – Stephen

Roland Warren – Guest Radio Co-host TODAY

Roland-4x5in-300-CTune in to the show today and hear Roland Warren who is the CEO of Care Net.  Care Net is the nation’s largest network of centers providing a Christ-centered and compassionate alternative to abortion. Prior to his tenure at Care Net, Roland served as president of the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI). Warren will be talking about his new book, Bad Dads of the Bible. Don’t forget that you can call the show on 800-229-3000 tomorrow with your dad questions. Here some great quotes from his book, Bad Dads of the Bible.



Quotes from Bad Dads of the Bible

. . . a father plays a special role in a daughter’s life, particularly when it comes to helping her trust and accept unconditional love. When things go as designed, he is the first man to pursue his daughter’s heart. However, the key is that, unlike some guys she will meet, a good dad will pursue his daughter’s heart in her best interest.

Inaction is a mistake, but it’s part of Satan’s plan to destroy a family . . .. Indeed it is critical that fathers not become paralyzed. God requires good dads to take action. After all, the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of their children is at stake.

I will not be paralyzed by my past failures.

I will not make my children compete for my affection.

We all know that God is sovereign and he will accomplish His purposes. However I believe that God would like to accomplish His purposes through us rather than around us.

You see, I believe God’s desire is to use fathers to help accomplish His will through their children. That’s why our heavenly father entrusts earthly fathers with children in the first place. Good and godly fathers are to have foresight and insight when their children clearly lack it.

Don’t play favorites. Make sure that you don’t compare your children to another, even in fun.

Celebrate your children’s individual talents and unique skills.

Never set your children up to compete with one another for your approval.

Remember, God doesn’t want a dad to accommodate a child’s behavior that is outside of His will. He wants a dad to transform it into godly behavior by pointing a child back to His Word and His principles. Nor does God want a dad to participate with a child who is outside His will. He requires a dad to guide his child. This means that a good dad, just like a good shepherd, will lovingly lead his child in the way that he or she should go.

Watch a short video about the book and you can also purchase a copy from our store.

Is Marijuana the New Tobacco?

Former Congressman, Patrick Kennedy is in the midst of a new campaign. It’s not for political office. This fight is all about his opposition to legal marijuana.  He knows all too well the dangers of marijuana and joins Steve Arterburn via Skype to discuss why he’s taking on this uphill climb.  Find out why he’s fighting so hard against legalized marijuana.  

Steve Arterburn: My Apology to all Women

In case you missed this on our new TV channel here’s your chance to see this very touching and tender message from Steve Arterburn. Steve says: ” Toward the end of the show about sex trauma I recorded with Sheri Keffer, I really felt compelled to say something important to all the women watching. It came straight from the heart. And when the show was over, I was overcome with emotion. I had no idea the cameras were still rolling and I learned a lot about myself that day.” Click on the image to watch.


Here’s the skinny on our last Women in the Battle Workshop


This past weekend we had our Women in the Battle Workshop in Columbus, OH. Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

This weekend has been healing.  I was allowed to weep.  I was allowed to be angry and mourn what has been lost and what has been done to me.  I’ve had truth spoken into me though others and God.  And I’ve felt loved.Betsy

This weekend has been eye-opening and freeing.  The science behind all this has been amazing. I now understand what I need to do and I feel I’m worth (and my husband is worth) asking him to pursue his healing. – Debbie

This weekend has been refreshing and relaxing.  I leave with my chest unbound and my gut acid-free. A fresh breath of cool air. The jaws of life to get that alligator off my legs and the lions off the other end.Christy

This weekend has been an eye opener.  It felt like open heart surgery! But I know there’s healing for my pain. – Amy

This weekend has been reviving, renewing, connecting, learning why the dots got connected, which caused the light to be shed on this unbearable pain.  The pain is dissolving because of the light of understanding. – Linda

To anyone considering attending this event, I’d say – don’t hesitate!  I was so scared to come here – thinking I’d never fit in.  The truth is, I’ve not felt this safe in many years.  Do it! -  Paula

This weekend has begun the deep healing process that I so desperately needed. A connection with my small group had been amazing.  The level of intimacy in such a short time I didn’t think it was possible.  At the meeting Saturday night, the Lord told me “You are Safe”.  I wasn’t aware that I had not felt safe for fifty eight years. – Donna

This weekend has been the most intense therapy of my life, like medical and spiritual first aid to stop the “bleed out” that was taking my life emotionally and spiritually.  I am “shored –up” and armed to go fight this battle. – Cassie

I realized through Sheri’s teaching and with connecting with her, that I have complex PTSD.  I have a name now for why I have hit a brick wall.  I am going to be doing EMDR and continue therapy. – Jennifer

If you are interested in attending our next Women in the Battle Workshop in Dallas, TX call 800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433). Read more testimonies from previous workshops here.


My Biggest Blessing

Ever wondered how Steve met his lovely wife, Misty? Steve puts it like this: “Of all the blessings in my life, none compares to the day my wife, Misty, walked into my life.” Click on the image below and watch Misty share their story. And if you have not already checked out our new TV Channel, you can check it out here.


A New Venture for Steve Arterburn and New Life

For immediate release | Contact: Mike Nason, 949-973-6033

Christian Author and Radio Host Steve Arterburn in New Venture with Top TV Execs


LAGUNA BEACH, Ca., March 20, 2014 –  In a new venture with two media titans, New York Times bestselling Christian author and radio host, Steve Arterburn will complement his nationally syndicated, daily call-in radio show with a new subscription-based TV channel on the Internet.

Debuting March 24 at 4:00 p.m. EDT (1:00 p.m. PDT), Arterburn’s New Life TV will be the first of several channels on a platform created by TAPP Media, the brainchild of Jon Klein, former President of CNN/U.S., and Jeff Gaspin, former Chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment.

New Life TV will feature a fresh 30-minute show every weekday.  For $9.95 a month, fans of Arterburn (and his line-up of co-hosts), whose radio show has an estimated 3 million listeners, will be able to log onto https://tv.newlife.com and view the original programming in one sitting or in shorter shareable clips, as well as access archived  material.  New Life TV will be available on multiple devices including smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops, smart TV’s.

Arterburn’s popular radio call-in show, New Life Live, features Arterburn, a human relationship expert, and his co-hosts, dispensing Christian-based advice to listeners who call in on a variety of problems—marriage, anger, grief, anxiety, abuse, addictions, and other issues.  New Life TV will delve into these subjects in greater depth than the radio format allows, and offer members the opportunity to interact with Arterburn and his co-hosts during regular video chats.

“This venture has the potential to expand our sphere of influence and help more people experience life transformation. This is an opportunity we didn’t see coming, but we’re extremely grateful for it,” Arterburn said.  He added, “One day we’ll address an issue of the day, another day how to build, grow and repair a relationship, another on how to integrate Biblical principles into daily lives, yet another on addiction recovery and then one on general counseling topics.”

In addition to New Life TV, TAPP plans to roll out several channels this year—and dozens more in the next two to three years.  The company recently announced funding from Discovery Communications, and individual investors including Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google.

Healing for Your Betrayed Heart

Designed to help women who have been hurt in relationships with men who are or have been involved in pornography, sexual addiction or adultery our Women in the Battle Workshop is the first step you can take to find healing for your betrayed heart. Join us in Columbus, OH on the weekend of March 21 – 23, 2014. During this weekend of biblically-based teaching and process group counseling you will receive tools that can help you heal and rebuild your future. Need more encouragement, read testimonies from other women who have begun the journey to healing their betrayed hearts. Call 800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433) and register TODAY!


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