God Said No

Does this poem speak to you like it did to me? I found a poem titled “God Said No,” and loved that it perfectly described the problems we all think we have in life, but more importantly, it made me understand what God sees when he looks in our lives. Click here to watch the video.


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Thoughts About “Trans-Gender”

Recently, Bruce Jenner sat down on the network news to discuss his decision to transition into a woman. This got the whole country talking about the idea of being transgender and what it means. A lot of viewers asked for my opinion on this issue, and here’s what I think.  Click here to watch. Steve-outside

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Boundaries for Moms

Running a family household is not easy. Many moms (and dads) become exhausted and frustrated trying to do it all. John Townsend and I talk about some healthy boundaries moms can set to make homelife less chaotic and more satisfying. Watch the video –http://ow.ly/MPlxE.


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“How to Deal with Difficult People” Dr. Linda Mintle

Dr. Linda Mintle, my co-author on “Lose It For Life“, discusses her new book “We Need to Talk.” Today she talks about what it can be like to have relationships with high conflict people and some guidelines you can use to make approaching them easier. Click here to watch the video.


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How to Talk to a Child About Death

Recently, Tessa received a letter from her sponsor child who lives far away. The child asked about Tessa’s mother, who passed away some months ago, but Tessa avoided the question. She wants to know how to tell this child about her passing. Dr. Dave Stoop offers some advice – click here to watch the video.


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How Can I Help my Husband Express Emotion?

Becky’s husband doesn’t show any emotions, even when he’s in pain. She wants to know how to develop emotional intimacy with him. Dr. Jill Hubbard offers some advice on understanding, and relating to, how Becky’s husband may be processing the world. Click here to watch.


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Romans 12:2

This verse is what New Life Ministries is all about: changing and transforming people’s lives. We don’t want you to be comfortable, we want to change the way you see things, and to motivate you to make the appropriate changes in your life. This, is Romans 12:2. Click here for more.

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Happy Easter

If you’re in church this Sunday, Easter Sunday, and the pastor says to you, “He Is Risen!” we hope you can say with enthusiasm and joy, “He Is Risen, Indeed!”  It’s an old Easter tradition that puts an exclamation point on the thought that Christ rose from the dead, and is alive today!  At New Life, we wish you a Happy Easter, and hope this weekend you’ll find a church to attend to hear a message of hope in what Christ accomplished on that first Easter. Enjoy this short Easter message from Steve Arterburn.


Connie wrote in asking for us to do a segment about cross-addiction. Why is it so easy to go from one addiction, like an addiction to drugs or alcohol, to another problem behavior, like overeating?  – Click here to watch.


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Are You A Sugar Addict?

If you think you might have a sugar addiction, but aren’t quite sure, here are some common symptoms and some guidelines for what I call “The North Pole Diet.” If you  want to almost totally eliminate or extremely limit sugar in your diet, take a look at this segment! Watch the video.

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