Merry Christmas from Dr. Sheri Keffer!

2014 – Dr. Sheri Keffer’s Christmas Story from New Life Live on Vimeo.

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‘Twas A New Life Christmas

‘Twas a New Life Christmas when all through the house
Something special was stirring though ’twas quiet as a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
There’s one more than last year cause Daddy was there.

And I and my sissy were all snug in our beds.
Sugar plums and fairies replaced worries and dreads;

Sissy wasn’t crying from a mean dad’s slap,
She was still full of joy from an hour on his lap.

Through thin walls I could hear Mom and Dad’s loving chatter.
They were so happy together, and that’s all that mattered.

No more rage rising up in a shocking flash.
Things once shattered were now securely attached.

I’ll tell you what happened, if you want to know.
It all started changing just one year ago.

Things were so bad that Dad had to move out.
For months I was sad and full of much doubt.

It felt hopeless at home and I missed my dad
It was Christmas time and I shouldn’t be sad.

Things grew worse, and I wanted them better.
Thanks to seven, great magical letters.

800 NEW-LIFE” we heard hundreds of times,
I called them up and got a man on the line.

Some guy named Jeff just happened to know
How Daddy could get well and where he could go.

Like a man on a mission he knew the right pick,
Where well men walked out of after walking in sick.

This phone man was an angel not acting alone.
Mom said so, too, when she got off the phone.

“Satan will be defeated,” I listened in,
He assured us God’s love will ultimately win.

When he talked to Daddy, Daddy finally could see
It was time to get well; for himself, Mom, Sissy and me.

So, with God he went to work on his healing,
while our prayers went up from our bedside kneeling.

Dad getting help—my fears and pains to shrink,
But when he came home I knew not what to think.

So back on the line with my telephone Elf,
Amazingly I spoke to another named Jeff.

He said, “Please don’t worry, God has control.”
That I had to be ready, be brave and be bold.

When Daddy walked in, it was pure disbelief!
Was this the same man who had caused so much grief?

He looked happy, at peace, and went to his knees,
Holding both arms out begging, “Come to me please!”

He hugged me and kissed me for what seemed like an hour,
Telling me he was no longer his own higher power.

There were requests for forgiveness that I freely granted,
Bitter roots were uprooted and with pure love supplanted.

I told Daddy I forgave him long before he was through.
I told him,  “Mom and I know the same Higher Power, too!”

Then wouldn’t you know it when our tears nearly stopped,
Sissy came running, to his safe arms she plopped.

“I missed you, Daddy, are you home to stay?”
“Sissy, I’m here and will be in every way.”

“You don’t smell like you used to; your eyes are so bright.”
“Sissy, my heart had a wound, but is now filled with God’s light.”

Mommy spoke up while gently shutting the door.
“The man that once lived here . . . he lives here no more.”

“That man would hurt us with each new attack,
But our loving father and husband is finally back.”

They held hands, and we joined them next to the tree.
Dad held Mom close, looking at Sissy and me.

He told us the tall spruce didn’t get big in a year,
One day in a forest it just didn’t appear.

It started with what every strong spruce tree needs.
It started with a tiny, little spruce tree seed.

It grew its roots deep while branching up to the sky.
It grew strong and mighty, each day by and by.

“So this New Life Christmas, my vow to
 the three of you.
I will grow deep in our God who loves me, and you, too!

“And I promise each day to reach high for God’s power.
I love my New Life and I won’t waste an hour.

“There will be tough times and rough times and even some sorrows,
But they will never again define our tomorrows.

“Now you little ones, let me tuck you in bed snug and tight.
You know you must sleep if Santa’s to show up tonight.”

So I waited and waited ‘til Sissy wouldn’t hear,
Then I pulled Dad down close, and I whispered in his ear,

“Dad, I’m not waiting for an unknown Santa to appear
Because for the first time in my life he’s here—really here!

Well, that’s how it happened as best I remember,
That year when all changed, in the month of December.

I always smile when I think of those days,
But sorrow and sadness sneak in other ways.

Because for too many children, Christmas will never be
A Celebration of New Life like ‘twas for Sissy and me.

Lives remain nightmares—seeming far beyond hope.
Dads or moms won’t get help so the kids must cope.

But they’ll get by and beyond it as most people do,
When the sick remain sick
 though all things could be made new.

And until all is made new, if we are blessed to exist,
New Life will be here with God’s hope to assist.

Satan continues to rob, steal and plunder,
But seven magical letters dialed become seven transforming numbers.

If your family is hurting and you’re hurting, too
Pick up the phone, the magic letters are for you.

800-NEW-LIFE, it’s so simple to dial,
And we know that the call will be well worth your while!

Stephen Arterburn   800 NewLife


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Merry Christmas from Dr. Henry Cloud!

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Watch Christmas Messages from our other Hosts
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Watch Christmas Messages from our other Hosts
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