Married to Someone I Have Never Loved

Rick sent us an email telling us that he’s been married to his wife for 19 years, but has never loved her. He describes her as a person who is not very caring or loving, even with her own children.   Should he walk away from the marriage or take steps to restore it?   Find out here.


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Fighting Anxiety

People who suffer from severe anxiety sometimes think they need to call the doctor right away and get on some anti-anxiety medication.  Today, Milan and Dave have lots of great techniques for reducing stress— click the link for the full show!


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Before You Head Down The Aisle…

Before you take those wedding vows, Jill, Dave and Steve have some pre-marital counseling for you. These are some great ways to help ensure you really do live happily ever after! Check it out.


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Shannon’s Testimony

Shannon Ethridge, Author & Speaker, “Every Woman’s Battle” books and the new “Passion Principals” workshop for New Life Ministry, tells her story of how she became so involved in the subject of sexual issues and integrity for women.   Hear her testimony.


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Afraid to Leave Grown Daughter Behind

Steve has some short and sweet advice for Maria who wants to move to California but she doesn’t want to leave her 33 year-old daughter to fend for herself…   #WATCH more.


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Tendencies of Narcissism

Christy wrote in about a dramatic change in her husband after 10 good years of marriage. Upon his mother’s death, her husband suddenly became an angry, controlling and abusive person.   After watching our piece on narcissism, she has a theory on how the mother-in-laws lavish & continuous praise might have been an equalizing force in the marriage.   WATCH below AND check out our piece about narcissism:
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What Will The In-Laws Think?

Joanne’s husband told her that he is not longer in love with her and wants a divorce. She is plagued by worry about what her in-laws are going to think of her.  She is worried about her reputation.   Hear what I have to say:

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How Can I Make My Wife Feel Beautiful?

A husband wrote me because he wants to help his wife’s self-esteem.  He says she feels “old and worn out,” but he wants her to feel viable and beautiful!  I’m giving him some advice here.  What advice would you give?  Watch the video here.

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Is This The One?

How can you tell if the person you are dating is the person you should marry? I’m glad you asked!  Jill, Milan and I are discussing all the other wonderful things that make someone “the one.”  #WATCH the FULL episode here and #SHARE with someone you know!
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Taking the Good with the Bad

Ever had a great day going, then one bad thing happens and you feel like a total failure?   Henry Cloud calls it “the Good/Bad split when we look at things as either all good or all bad. On New Life TV, we’re discussing why we need to accept and integrate both the good and bad aspects of people and of life. Watch the video.


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