Once Upon A Time…

Everyone knows fairy tales, from Sleeping Beauty to Snow White, but most of us are more familiar with the sanitized Walt Disney versions than the darker originals from the Brother’s Grimm. Dave Stoop wants to bring back the oldies and let children know the reality of evil in the world. Jill Hubbard, Dave and I are talking about fairy tales! Watch it here.


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Beware Of Toxic Teachings

One of my personal heroes, Chuck Swindoll, recently mentioned my grandmother in a sermon drawing from my book “Toxic Faith.” I was thrilled, and I want to remind you of some of the teachings in a toxic faith church that can really destroy your faith and even your life. See it here.


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Her Drinking Ended Our Friendship

What to do when a dear friend’s drinking gets out of hand? A subscriber wrote in telling of a friend who began drinking every time they got together socially, and who would become mean and critical under the influence. Finally one day she confronted her friend who abruptly ended the friendship. Did she do the right thing? Dr. Dave Stoop weighs in. Watch here.


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What is Borderline Personality?

We received a few emails asking about the diagnosis of “borderline” personality.  Did you know it originally referred to being on the borderline between psychosis and neurosis? Dr. Henry Cloud is with me to explain the disorder. Check it out here.


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Should I Separate From My Husband?

When a married couple separates, is that the signal that the marriage is over? Statistics say it can be the first of many steps that lead to divorce. But it can sometimes be the only hope of ever restoring a disconnected relationship. Milan Yerkovich digs into the subject of marital separation. Watch more.

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Married to Someone I Have Never Loved

Rick sent us an email telling us that he’s been married to his wife for 19 years, but has never loved her. He describes her as a person who is not very caring or loving, even with her own children.   Should he walk away from the marriage or take steps to restore it?   Find out here.


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Fighting Anxiety

People who suffer from severe anxiety sometimes think they need to call the doctor right away and get on some anti-anxiety medication.  Today, Milan and Dave have lots of great techniques for reducing stress— click the link for the full show!


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Before You Head Down The Aisle…

Before you take those wedding vows, Jill, Dave and Steve have some pre-marital counseling for you. These are some great ways to help ensure you really do live happily ever after! Check it out.


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Shannon’s Testimony

Shannon Ethridge, Author & Speaker, “Every Woman’s Battle” books and the new “Passion Principals” workshop for New Life Ministry, tells her story of how she became so involved in the subject of sexual issues and integrity for women.   Hear her testimony.


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Afraid to Leave Grown Daughter Behind

Steve has some short and sweet advice for Maria who wants to move to California but she doesn’t want to leave her 33 year-old daughter to fend for herself…   #WATCH more.


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