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Who We Are

We take people out of the isolation caused by trauma and sin, and help them find the path and the process to a right relationship with God.
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New Life Live!

New Life Live! Radio Program

America's #1 Christian Call-in Radio Program

Live Radio Schedule:

12/17: Steve Arterburn; co-hosts Milan Yerkovich and Dr. Jill Hubbard 10-1 pm PT.
12/18: Steve Arterburn; co-hosts Dr. Dave Stoop and Dr. Jill Hubbard 10-1 pm PT.
12/19: Steve Arterburn; co-hosts Dr. Sheri Keffer and Chris Williams 10-12 pm PT.

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New Life Weekend Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Everyman’s Battle – Jan. 11-13, Wash., DC
Everyman’s Battle – Feb. 8-10, San Jose, CA
Everyman’s Battle – March 8-10, Dallas, TX

New Life Weekend – Jan. 25-27, Wash., DC

Intimacy in Marriage – Feb. 15-17, OC, CA

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New Life Counselor Network

Looking for a Counselor Near You?

New Life will connect you to a carefully screened counselor who agrees with our Statement of Faith. These professionals can help with a wide range of needs.

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“I was convicted by Ephesians 4:31 to “get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior” towards my husband. The tools provided here give me such hope that the Lord will accomplish this character change in me. I look forward to being a wife who is consistently loving, kind, and respectful to my husband.”

Debra, an attendee of Intimacy in Marriage

“I came into this workshop with little to no hope of recovery. I felt exhausted at my failed attempts to escape from pornography and masturbation. I leave feeling hope that true healing comes from intimacy with God, self, and others. I am leaving with a plan which will bring me to victory. Although, there may be set backs, my trajectory is set and I have a band of brothers that I can depend on.”

Ben, an attendee of Every Man's Battle

“I was amazed how much validation I got through this weekend from the other ladies experiences and emotions being so similar to my own. “

Stephanie, an attendee of Restore

“I would go to this workshop every year if I could. Every man should attend this workshop even if they don’t struggle with sexual addiction.”

Tom, an attendee of Every Man's Battle

“I feel more empowered than I have over the past 10 years in my marriage. The main sessions as well as the breakout groups helped me to see the crazy cycle of lies and betrayal that I have put up with. I hope to attend the Intimacy in Marriage workshop with my husband this summer as well!”

Cindy, an attendee of Restore

“I wish I would have attended this program years ago. If we would’ve attended years ago, we would have had a healthy marriage before the storm we lived in for years. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for this weekend.”

Michael, an attendee of Intimacy in Marriage

“This was a powerful workshop. It brings new perspective to the causes and triggers for sexual addiction. It also brings understanding and a proven way to help deal with a long term addiction using God, self, and others as partners. During this workshop, I was able to learn to forgive my dad for his attempted suicide when I was 15 years old that changed my life from that point forward. I was also able to forgive my mother for her years and years of prescription drug addiction that led to her early death. I was also able to ask God to forgive me of my sins and for putting Him at arms’ length after my dad’s suicide attempt, just like I pushed away the rest of the world. I now need to ask forgiveness from my wife for all the pain and grief my addiction and behaviors have caused her and to get down in her pain with her so I can help her with God to pull her back up to the life she deserves. Thank you New Life!”

Michael, an attendee of Every Man's Battle

“I have wanted to come to this workshop for a very long time. Today I am in a place of clarity. I was able to shine the light on my secrets, flaws, and sorrows. I have a plan to grieve and forgive where I need to. I have truly accepted that I am a beloved daughter of the most high God. I AM WORTH IT!!”

Laura, an attendee of Take Your Life Back
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