New Life Live: May 22, 2012


Topics: Love AddictionFear And AnxietyMarriageAlcoholicsParentingPornography,
Hosts: Steve ArterburnDr. John TownsendDr. Jill Hubbard
Caller Questions:

  1. As a single, which addiction should I address first: love or sex? 
  2. I am a Mary Kay rep; how can I motivate myself to get out there? 
  3. How do I resolve my intimacy issues with my alcoholic husband? 
  4. Should I encourage my ex to call our 24yo daughter? He used to be controlling. 
  5. I love my nanny, but my twins are frustrated with her; is it time for a new one? 
  6. My wife found out I use porn; how much more do I need to tell her? 
  7. How can I get my younger wife to mature? 

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  1. Lisa M. Slade, MS, NCC, LPC says:

    I’d like to comment on the woman struggling as a Mary Kay Rep. I think culturally the group was a little off in advising that she change her hair in order to find success as a sales representative. Black women in corporate America have been faced with this dilemma for years. I am going to assume that this caller is an African-American woman who has “natural, curly or kinky textured hair” and is considering conforming to a main stream image of that mirrors a European look of straight or relaxed straight hair inorder to become successful as a sales rep.

    African American woman have been fighting this issue for decades. Once again, the message is no matter how much we attempt to assimilate…it will never be enough for us to be considered equal.

    Suggesting that she change her natural hair is just like suggesting that her natural hair is wrong, bad or indifferent! And if her hair is bad than she much be bad and that’s a fallacy. I think this sister needs to focus more on the inside and what she is projecting. An excellent sales person can sell water to a fish. If she takes the time to develop her confidence in her persuasive abilities and her appearance which means incorporating Mary Kay products into her own personal style in a way that makes people say…”WOW! I want that look!” In order to build her confidence she is going to have to take some risk and practice overcoming rejection. She should never have to compromise her God-given beauty to make a sale.

    My grandmother once told me, “If you are beautifull on the inside, it will radiate on the outside!”

    The challenge that awaits her is not her “hair” but her ability to get people to believe that its okay to purchase Mary Kay products from a woman who does not look like Mary Kay!

  2. Rosalind Eskew says:

    To the Mary Kay rep, I’ve seen some women of color who wear some awesome wigs that look very natural to me. Why doesn’t she try that and see if she gets some sales.

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