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Forgiving What You’ll Never Forget:

In his book, Forgiving What You’ll Never Forget, Dr. Dave Stoop:

  • Explains the difference between the forgiveness God extends to us and our forgiveness of others.
  • Helps you see forgiveness in light of God forgiving Adam and Eve’s first sin.
  • Answers the question about whether we’re supposed to forgive and forget or forgive and remember.
  • Helps you understand how God’s forgiveness is connected to God’s anger that we see when we read the Old Testament.
  • Talks about the ramifications of not forgiving.

He also shares his personal journey of forgiveness, and how he came to a point where he could forgive his own father for some of the pain he suffered as a young boy growing up.

Dave’s book will help you understand forgiveness no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus—whether your walk is brand new, or something you haven’t yet entered into, or if you’ve been walking with him all your life.

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Come to Greece!

Join us as we retrace the Footsteps of Paul! Steve recently went to Greece an wanted to share a few pictures and videos he took of Mars Hill.

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