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How We Love:

This month, your gift for any amount is the new, Expanded Edition of Milan and Kay’s book, How We Love.

This new edition explores 5 additional core patterns and offers diagrams showing how each love style combination interacts.  The book has been updated with new insights that have evolved since the book was originally published in 2006.  New information on the origins of “triggers,” as well as charts, tools, and discussion starters have been added.

And if you give $50 or more, we’ll also send you a copy of the How We Love Workbook to help you work through each chapter of the book for deeper understanding.

Your giving makes a difference.

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Watch Steve’s sermons at Northview in Carmel, IN

Come to Greece!

Join us as we retrace the Footsteps of Paul! Steve recently went to Greece an wanted to share a few pictures and videos he took of Mars Hill.

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