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Life Recovery Today

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Life Recovery Today with Stephen Arterburn, the founder of New Life Ministries and the editor of The Life Recovery Bible which has sold over 3 million copies, is our television program that airs Tuesdays on NRBTV. The show  focuses on people transforming their lives using the biblical principles found in the 12 step program.  You discover how others have found a new way of life with hope for the future and obtain insights and tools to transform your life.

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Every Man’s Battle Podcast

This podcast is for men inside and outside the Church as well as ladies that have an interest in learning what Every Man’s Battle is all about. It provides an ongoing conversation, tools for help, and encouragement along the journey; while providing an opportunity to learn more. This podcast ties directly to an intensive providing a safe place to take a “next step,” and is hosted by licensed counselors that take an active role in the intensive. TUNE IN HERE.

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