11 Tips For Successful Weight Loss1. Create a safe eating environment and a new mental environment

  • Change how you eat, not what you eat
  • The mind-set and the availability of healthy food often determine how much you eat
  • The safer the environment and the better the food, the higher the satisfaction from eating

2. Change your schedule to make time for exercise

  • Night owls can become early birds
  • Be awake during the time when fewer calories are consumed
  • Late night television usually means late night calories

3. Exercise

  • Exercise 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes each day
  • Walking is the easiest way to burn calories
  • Early exercise starts the metabolism burning calories earlier

4. Think like a winner

  • Stop the flow of negative thoughts
  • Attitudes have power to help or to hurt
  • Brains are reprogrammable computers

5. Change the feelings behind the feedings.

  • Start treating yourself kindly
  • Unhealed wounds are often medicated with food
  • Trauma takes time to heal and process

6. Replace high-fat foods with foods that are lower in fat

  • Finding low-fat, highly satisfying foods is a treasure hunt
  • You can learn and practice new habits
  • You really can change your tastes

7. Lower your intake of foods that are high in sugar

  • Fat is the problem, but too much sugar turns to fat
  • Eliminating sugar can eliminate emotional roller coasters
  • You will decrease your ‘taste’ for sugar which will help decrease your intake of sugar

8. Eat more meals a day while taking in the same number of calories

  • Eat breakfast
  • The hungry feeling gets bigger the longer it goes without food
  • Hunger feelings can be changed
  • Fast food usually means fat food

9. Work on relationships with things and people – other than using food

  • Connect in relationships that are safe
  • Recognize the love of God in your life
  • Resolve to become the best version of you

10. Find a person or a group to help you learn and be open and honest

  • You can break the detachment mode -accountability produces awareness
  • Learn a new way to approach life and gain tools to continue in the new path
  • Connecting honestly with others helps us grow and be honest with ourselves

11. Be patient

  • This is a process that will take a lifetime and will give you a healthy body for life!
  • There are no quick fixes which last
  • It is worth taking the time to practice a healthy lifestyle

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