Church ResourcesNew Life Ministries partners with local churches to provide resources for their congregations and the communities they serve, ensuring that the support we offer to churches and communities is spiritually sound and professionally informed.

Partnering with New Life Ministries is an investment in the emotional and spiritual well-being of your leaders, congregation, and community. Together, we can build a stronger, healthier church, equipped to face the challenges of today and bring hope to those who need it most.

Let us work together to bring transformation, healing, and hope to the lives of countless individuals and families within your church and beyond.

Erika Greene – Director of New Life Networks

Learn more about how we can partner with your church or have a New Life Counselor or Coach speak at your next retreat, conference, or church group, by sending an email to Erika Greene, Director of New Life Networks.

New Life Ministries

“People often ask me:  Why Life Recovery?  My answer is that the Life Recovery material is applicable no matter where you are in your journey.  It is material that is designed to draw you closer to the Lord and to learn that He is the one in control. New Life Ministries has been a valuable partner for First Baptist Church of Dallas as we began our Life Recovery Groups and as we continue them.  They have also helped us get materials as we take Life Recovery into the prisons.  They make it very easy to get materials and having our information on the Life Recovery Groups website is also invaluable.  Many people find our groups online.”

Life Recovery - Anna, Prison Ministry Associate, FBC Dallas

Life Recovery

Life Recovery is a flexible, accessible resource that allows churches to bring the transformative power of Christian recovery directly to their congregants. By offering a tailored experience that meets people where they are, churches can support their community in overcoming struggles and growing in faith. Click here for more.

New Life Group Curriculum

New Life Group CurriculumNew Life’s group curriculum resources support churches in fostering spiritual growth, healing, and connecting in community among congregants. These Biblically-based materials facilitate meaningful discussions and personal reflection, helping churches create a supportive environment for members to explore their faith, share their struggles, and find encouragement on their journey together. Click here for group curriculum.

Growth Seekers

Growth Seekers provides a confidential, Biblically-based small group experience designed specifically for pastors, offering a safe and trusted environment for emotional and relational growth. With separate groups for men and women, this resource allows churches to support their pastors in their personal and spiritual development, fostering healthier leaders and, in turn, healthier congregations. Click here for more.

New Life Counseling Network

The New Life Counseling Network connects church members with counselors and coaches who share their faith and can support a wide range of needs. By partnering with New Life, churches provide congregants with a trusted resource for guidance and support, fostering healing and growth. Click here or call 800-639-5433 to find a counselor or coach near you.

New Life Intensives

New Life intensives offers a valuable resource for churches to support their congregants in navigating life’s challenges. By combining powerful teaching with group work led by experienced New Life Network counselors, these intensives provide a launching pad for life transformation. Offering these intensives allows churches to equip their members with the tools and support they need to overcome personal struggles, grow in their faith, and foster a community of healing and growth. Download flyers for your church.

Emotional FreedomEvery Man’s Battle Intimacy in Marriage | Restore

New Life Resources

New Life Resources, available at, provides a wealth of materials for churches to support their congregants’ growth and healing. With access to broadcast archives, resources mentioned on the New Life show, and a store filled with books, DVDs, CDs, and more, churches can equip their members with valuable tools for personal and spiritual development. Click here for more resources.

New Life Live! Radio Program

New Life Live! is a valuable resource for churches, offering Godly-centered counseling through its popular call-in radio and TV program. With a dedicated team of hosts and co-hosts, New Life Live! has been providing trusted guidance to callers seeking answers to life’s most challenging problems for over 30 years. The program is widely accessible, airing on stations in 150 markets, Sirius XM satellite radio, online at, YouTube, podcast platforms, and through the New Life App, making it an excellent tool for churches to recommend to their congregants as an extension of their ministry, ultimately contributing to the growth and unity of the church as a whole.

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