The reality is that as men we all struggle. And for some it’s an overwhelming struggle with pornography. Women are beautiful. We know that this beauty attracts us. We know where to find porn and we know how to keep it hidden. In our culture the line has been blurred on what is porn. The magazines, TV and the Internet put it right in front of us every day of our lives.

It is time to make some decisions. What are we doing with all the junk that is coming at us? Consume it, get in way over our heads or are we going to live for things that are greater? There is a point in which we have to acknowledge that what we keep hidden from our wives, girlfriends and children we are not proud of. The question is simply will you live a life that is transparent? Will you fight the battle?

At the core of consuming porn is selfishness. I will get my fix. No one will know. It is my secret. It is what I do in private. My dad did it. Everyone does it and I am going to as well.

Lust is a fantasy designed to do one thing-keep you completely to yourself. It is a lie. Lust tries to tell you what sex should feel like and look like. Lust will destroy the relationships around you. You will pull away from reality because of this secret. As you allow lust to consume you, it becomes your life and you will eventually lose control to addiction. Stop now. Be done with it all. Change today because there are much greater things than lust to give your time, money and energy to.

Some things you should consider right away:

  1. Confess:
    Call 800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433) to talk to someone about getting your life on the road to recovery.
  2. Go to an Every Man’s Battle Workshop:
    Porn. Lust. Affairs. They’ve taken your life to a place you never could have imagined. It’s a serious problem that requires a serious solution. The Every Man’s Battle Workshop is the place where men engage in the battle to get back their sexual integrity. In this intensive three-day workshop you’ll work with licensed Christian counselors who will arm you with the weapons you need for victory. The enemy may have wounded you, but the battle is not over. Register today. Too much is at stake not to take action.
  3. Get a Covenant Eyes filter.
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