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Steve Arterburn, Host of New Life Live!PUBLISHING: Stephen Arterburn’s first book Hooked On Life was published in 1984. He has become a New York Times Bestselling and Award-Winning author with more than 14,000,000 books in print, receiving four ECPA Gold Medallion, “Book of the Year” awards for quality and impact. The Every Man’s Battle series won two of those awards and has sold over 4,000,000 copies. Stephen’s publications have also been awarded one Bronze, two Gold and two Platinum ECPA sales awards. His most recent Gold Medallion win was 2020 in the Youth Non-fiction category where his book, Kirby McCook and the Jesus Chronicles was winner of the Young Adult Book of the Year in 2020.
In addition to his books, Steve is the developer and editor of ten Specialty and Study Bibles, three of which were nominated for the Bible of the Year Gold Medallion Award. The Spiritual Renewal Bible, published in 1999, won the Bible of the Year Gold Medallion. The Life Recovery Bible has sold over 3,000,000 copies and is given away by Prison Fellowship and is the pew Bible for the Salvation Army. It is the 2nd all-time-best-selling Study Bible at Tyndale, only exceeded by the Life Application Bible. For over a decade it has remained on the Top Ten Best Selling Bibles list. Steve also produced Every Man’s Bible which is currently the best-selling men’s study Bible. Sales of this Bible have increased every year since it was published in 2004. In 2020 sales were up 87% over the previous year. Currently Tyndale has contracted with Steve and his wife and writing partner, Misty Arterburn on three other Bible projects that will be released in 2023.

Of the 126 books and Bibles produced by Arterburn, his most notable publications are: Toxic Faith (Nelson 1991), The Spiritual Renewal Bible (Tyndale 1998), The Life Recovery Bible (Tyndale 1992), Every Man’s Battle (Waterbrook 2000), Every Man’s Bible (Tyndale 2004), Transformation (Tyndale 2006), Healing Is A Choice (Nelson 2007), Lose It For Life (Nelson2007), Healing Stones (Nelson 2008), Walking Into Walls (Worthy 2011), The Seven Minute Marriage Solution (2013), Worthy of Her Trust (Waterbrook 2014), Take Your Life Back (Tyndale 2016), Kirby McCook and the Jesus Chronicles (Tyndale 2019), The Soul of a Hero will be released in June of 2021.

SPEAKING: In addition to his writing, Arterburn is an international speaker who has spoken in Australia, Ireland, Korea, Brazil, and Canada. In 2000 he was inducted into the National Speaker’s Association Hall of Fame in Washington D.C. A large portion of his speaking time is allocated to raising money for Women’s Resource and Pregnancy Centers. In 2016 he was the featured in the farewell tour of Women of Faith, which he founded in 1996 and was attended by over 5,000,000 women in packed out arenas. Stephen is also the Teaching Pastor at Northview Church in Carmel, Indiana, the 3rd fastest growing and one of the 20 largest churches in America.

MINISTRY: Stephen Arterburn is a respected innovator dedicated to helping transform lives with God’s truth all over the world. In 1988 Arterburn founded New Life Treatment Centers, a venture-capital funded organization providing Christian psychiatric and addiction treatment in secular psychiatric hospitals. Because of the impact, growth and profitability of this organization Stephen was award the Socially Responsible Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young, Merrill Lynch and Inc. Magazine. He quickly grew that extremely profitable organization to $100,000,000 in revenues before it was purchased by Thomas Nelson Publishers. At that time, he spun off “New Life Ministries” into the current, not-for-profit ministry producing the number-one syndicated Christian counseling talk show, “New Life Live”. Many people in remote locations say it is the only wise counsel available to them.

New Life has maintained its focus on three principles since 1988: true truth, redemptive relationship and total transformation. New Life has a network of 1,000 Christian counselors and therapists around the country who help the thousands of people who call 800 NEWLIFE. What used to be done in hospitals and treatment centers happens now in weekend intensives involving both therapists and speakers. Every Man’s Battle, Restore for women who have been betrayed, Emotional Freedom and Intimacy In Marriage are some of the intensive weekend events conducted by New Life.

MEDIA: Stephen Arterburn’s marketing and media mindfulness has landed him and his work with appearances on Oprah, 3 times, Good Morning America, and ABC World News Tonight. Surprisingly he has been featured in GQ, Rolling Stone, USA Today, The New York Times, and most recently, on the cover of Recovery Magazine.

Steve has degrees from Baylor University and The University of North Texas as well as two honorary doctorate degrees including one from The California Graduate School of Theology. Steve resides with his family in Carmel, Indiana.

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Becky BrownBecky Brown is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who has been with New Life Ministries for over 20 years. She began work with New Life Clinics in private practice and was part of the Counselor network from its beginning. Becky has worked at the New Life Workshops since 2003. She often says she is New Life’s biggest fan- due to having had a front row seat to how God has worked in the lives of so many people over the years!
Becky is the co-author of Understanding and Loving a Person with Bipolar Disorder, 100 Days to Freedom from Fear and Anxiety and the soon to be released 100 Days to Freedom from Anger. Becky is a co-producer and writer for Life Recovery Today TV. Throughout her career at New Life, Becky has held many roles and considers it a privilege to now to serve as the President of New Life Ministries.

Becky and her husband Bruce live in Ohio and enjoy spending time with their adult kids and grandchildren – usually on a boat on the lake.

Chris WilliamsChris Williams is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in both Brea and Newport Beach, CA. He received his M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University where he also served as Director of Spiritual Formation for 5 years and is currently an adjunct professor. He has over 9 years of experience serving individuals, couples and families struggling with mental health disorders, addiction, trauma and relational challenges.
He also works with treatment industry leaders and teams as a consultant and coach. He has become a highly sought after specialist in the treatment of complex trauma and multiple addictive issues. He strongly believes in a holistic approach to understanding the biological, psychological, relational and spiritual factors that impact people and their functioning.

Chris has also been integral in the design and development of spiritual formation programs for churches and Christian organizations. He has designed and developed Christian recovery programs, family programs and trauma recovery programs for addiction treatment centers and continues to consult with treatment centers and organizations to create healthier environments and effective outcomes.

He loves playing basketball, golfing and playing with his two young boys. Chris’ most important and rewarding role in his life is husband to his wife and father to his two boys. He loves spending time with his family and lives in Orange County, CA.

Dr. Dave StoopDavid Stoop, PhD, was a licensed clinical psychologist in California. He received a master’s in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a doctorate from the University of Southern California. He was frequently heard as a cohost on the nationally syndicated New Life Live! radio and TV program. David was the founder and director of the Center for Family Therapy in Newport Beach, California. He was also an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary and serves on the executive board of the American Association of Christian Counselors. David is a Gold Medallion-winning author who has written more than thirty books, including Forgiving the Unforgivable, and Rethink How You Think. David passed away in March 2021.
Dr. Jan StoopDr. Jan Stoop is a counselor, author, and seminar speaker. Together with her husband David, Jan Stoop has written When Couples Pray Together, The Complete Marriage Book, The Complete Parenting Book, and more recently, Smart Love. Married for more than fifty years, they have three sons and six grandchildren and live in Newport Beach, California.
Jason MartinkusAfter sexual addiction almost took his life and marriage, Jason was called to help other men. He received a Bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma and worked in the corporate world for companies such as Arthur Andersen and Interstate Batteries. After leaving corporate and going into ministry, he went back to school and received a Masters in Counseling from Denver Seminary. He was previously the national speaker for the Every Man’s Battle Workshop and is currently the President of Redemptive Living, a Denver-based counseling and speaking ministry.
He has dedicated his life to helping men find freedom from sexual integrity issues and marriages find redemption beyond betrayal. His first book, Worthy of Her Trust was followed by the Summit Devotional and Understanding and Loving a Person with Sexual Addiction.

Jason, his wife Shelley and their 3 boys happily call Denver home.

Dr. Jill HubbardDr. Jill Hubbard is a clinical psychologist and regular co-host on Christian radio’s nationally-syndicated New Life Live program. Dr. Jill has gained a reputation for her gentle and insightful style of connecting with radio callers. She is also in private practice where she sees clients who struggle with depression, addictions, eating disorders, and relational and personal growth issues. Dr. Jill lives with her family in southern California.
Dr. Jim BurnsJim Burns is the president of HomeWord. He speaks to thousands of people around the world each year. He has more than 2 million resources in print in 20 languages. He primarily writes and speaks on the values of HomeWord, which are: Strong Marriages, Confident Parents, Empowered Kids, and Healthy Leaders. Some of his most popular books are: Doing Life With Your Adult Children, The Purity Code, Creating an Intimate Marriage, Have Serious Fun and Finding Joy in the Empty Nest. Jim and his wife, Cathy, live in Southern California and have three grown daughters, Christy, Rebecca, and Heidi; three sons-in-law, Steve, Andy and Matt; and three grandchildren, James, Charlotte and Huxley.
Dr. John TownsendDr. John Townsend is a New York Times bestselling author, business consultant, leadership coach and psychologist.  He has written over 30 books, selling 10 million copies, including the Boundaries series, People Fuel and Leading From Your Gut.

Dr. Townsend engages with leaders, organizations and individuals around the globe, offering them life-changing solutions to their challenges. He and his organization provide team and executive coaching, corporate consulting, and give conference presentations.

John also personally coaches leaders,  families and family businesses, and has a limited concierge coaching practice.

Dr. Townsend founded the online Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling at Concordia University Irvine, offering Masters degrees and certificates in Organizational Leadership, Executive Coaching and Counseling, along with Bachelor’s degrees and Ph.D. program in Counseling Supervision and Education.

John also founded the Townsend Leadership Program,  a team-based holistic entity which develops leaders in the US and Canada.  Dr. Townsend has personally trained the Directors of TLP, and they focus on the necessary task skills and people skills of the leader.

John conducts “Dr. Townsend Live”, an online live video call-in program.  He is also co-host of the nationally syndicated talk show “New Life Live!”  with 3 million listeners.

Dr. Townsend is active with several service organizations and boards.  John and his family live in California and Texas. One of John’s hobbies is playing in he and his sons’ band, “The Bandits”, for parties and venues!

Dr. Henry CloudDr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert, clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author. His 45 books, including the iconic Boundaries, have sold nearly 20 million copies worldwide. He has an extensive executive coaching background and experience as a leadership consultant, devoting the majority of his time working with CEOs, leadership teams, and executives to improve performance, leadership skills and culture.
Dr. Cloud founded and built a healthcare company starting in 1987, which operated inpatient, and outpatient treatment centers in forty markets in the Western U.S. There, he served as Clinical Director and principal for ten years. In the context of hands-on clinical experience, he developed and researched many of the treatment principles and methods that he communicates to audiences now. After selling the company, he devoted his time to consulting and coaching, spreading principles of hope and life-change through speaking, writing and media.

Throughout the same years and until the present, he has devoted much of his career to leadership performance and development, blending the disciplines of leadership and human functioning to helping CEO’s, teams, organizations and family entities. From his early clinical training, Dr. Cloud became interested in how clinical psychodynamic ego psychology and Object Relations theory integrated with human performance past the clinical arenas, and continued to build models that could be adapted to business and organizational contexts. Much of his later writings have focused on these areas, with a particular interest in the newer findings in neurobiology and brain research that affects leadership and performance. Dr. Cloud hosted a national radio show for 15 years airing in 200 markets in the U.S.

His book, Integrity, was dubbed by the New York Times as “the best book in the bunch.” In 2011, Necessary Endings was called “the most important book you read all year.” His book Boundaries For Leaders was named by CEO Reads in the top five leadership books of its year. His newest book, The Power of the Other, debuted at #5 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list.

Dr. Cloud’s work has been featured and reviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Publisher’s Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. Success Magazine named Dr. Cloud in the top 25 most influential leaders in personal growth and development, alongside Oprah, Brene Brown, Seth Godin and others. He is a frequent contributor to CNN, Fox News Channel, and other national media outlets.

As a speaker, he is a favorite at corporate events, conventions, and public arena events on a variety of topics, speaking regularly throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Dr. Cloud is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, with a B.S. in psychology. He completed his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Biola University, and his clinical internship at Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. He is an avid golfer, and actively involved in philanthropic efforts focusing on poverty and holistic relief in the U.S. and the Developing World. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Tori, and their two daughters, Olivia and Lucy.

Kimberlee BousmanKimberlee Bousman received her master of Christian Education degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. She serves as the content writer and editor of New Life Ministries, and she also homeschools her two children.