For many, when an acquaintance asks “How are you doing?” the default response is “I’m good; how are you?”.  But is that an honest answer?  The demands of life often keep us so busy that we don’t pause to reflect on how things are really going.  These short quizzes are designed to allow you to do a self- assessment of what your true response is to “How are you doing?”

How healthy is your marriage?

Could your marriage use a little tune-up? Take the assessment to find out how healthy your marriage is. P.S. We’ll send you a free ebook!

Are you struggling with your sexual integrity?

Is sexual integrity difficult for you to maintain? Take the assessment to find out.

Are you emotionally free?

Having relationship troubles? Do you always feel like you are the problem? Do you want to improve your life and relationships? Check in with your emotional health by taking our free assessment.