Sustained Victory, Every Man's BattleThe Every Man’s Battle Workshop is a great beginning for men who are seeking victory over sexual temptation. Maintaining ongoing victory in the battle for sexual integrity will come through sustained connection and accountability with other men.

Many men will be able to find that connection and accountability through a men’s group in their local church. But some may not have that type of group available to them, or may not quite be ready to go that public with their struggles.

With that in mind, New Life Ministries developed the Sustained Victory Coaching program for men who have attended the Every Man’s Battle Workshop. Through this program, men are able to stay connected with and be accountable to their new “band of brothers” – those men who went through the workshop with them. For $125 a month, participants can continue what they began at the workshop.

In the Sustained Victory Coaching program, men join other Every Man’s Battle Workshop alumni and a coach in a weekly small telephone/video group. The group meets at the same day and time each week and gets connected by dialing a toll-free number.

Some Sustained Victory Coaching groups are made up of men from the same Every Man’s Battle Workshop small group, and others are made up of men who were in different small groups. By continuing the work they started at the workshop and staying connected and accountable through the Sustained Victory Coaching groups, Every Man’s Battle Workshop alumni report a much greater success at staying sexually pure after the workshop is over!

Men, give yourself the best possible opportunity to be victorious over sexual temptation by attending the Every Man’s Battle Workshop and joining a Sustained Victory Coaching group!

For more information and to register, call the Sustained Victory Administrator at 469-554-7054 or email us.

*Sustained Victory Coaching is for men who have attended the Every Man’s Battle Workshop.