Watch this short video invitation from Shelley Martinkus, the presenter at the Restore workshop, who gives reasons why you should attend and what to expect.

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“Having someone wrap their arms around me and say ‘me too’ and go through the pain with me was worth the entire weekend.”

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“Words can not express what this weekend has meant to me. I have struggled for over 10 years with my husband’s infidelities which have left me broken and feeling worthless. Shelley and the counselors made sense of all my insecurities and hurtful thoughts. Contrary to what my husband said, I learned that it is not my fault. This workshop showed me biblically what God expects and wants for me. That alone is priceless!”

“Whether you’ve been dealing with this issue for years or just found out about it, get yourself to Restore! Not for him, not for your marriage, but for you! You owe this to yourself. I’ve tried everything under the sun, but this is different! This gets to the core of your being. Do this for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for your future. God is enough – and only when he’s all we’ve got do we realize he’s all we need.”

“I feel empowered, stronger, and courageous; I feel alive. God is truly my protector and I am blessed to walk through this trauma knowing that I have victory no matter what my outcome may be in my marriage. I will have a happy ending because I am a child of Christ. I am a warrior and I will survive.”

“When I arrived on Friday, I honestly contemplated hiding in my hotel room all weekend and not ever walking into the conference. But I did. And I am so very glad that I did. I feel as if I received a crash course in what to expect, as well as tips for this unfortunate journey I am now on. My biggest take-aways from this weekend are to allow myself to sit in the pain and to learn to wait well. My tendency is to put all pain on a shelf and move it somewhere I can’t see it. Allowing myself to feel the pain as it comes in has already allowed me to feel more rest afterwards. Having the tools Shelley talked about I feel that I can use those to assist me. I can connect with God, others, and myself. And I can learn to wait well.”

“I never realized how empowering it is and has been to be with so many women going through the exact same things that I’m going through. To me this was worth gold! I am leaving with so many awesome tools and a better understanding of what sex addiction is. This is a journey none of us wanted or expected! But I know I need to commit to the journey and not the outcome. I feel stronger and so much more encouraged!”

“I’ve got my smile back!”

Keynote Speaker:

Shelley Martinkus - Healing Sexual Betrayal Workshop

Shelley Martinkus

Keynote Speaker

Listen to this interview with Shelley Martinkus about how the Restore workshop can put you on the path to hope and healing after sexual betrayal.

Listen to this interview Steve had with Shelley about why you should attend the workshop and the painful affects porn has on women.

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