Restore Workshop – Healing After Sexual Betrayal TraumaHas the pain of someone’s sexual betrayal devastated your life? Whether it’s betrayal due to pornography, affairs, adultery, voyeurism, lusting, prostitutes, sexting, sexual fetishes or same sex attraction — sexual betrayal is traumatizing.

The Restore Workshop helps women whose hearts have been shattered by sexual betrayal trauma find hope. Many women who come to the workshop feel very alone and are filled with shame, anger and worthlessness. Some have never even shared their story. But once they arrive, they discover women of all kinds and ages are struggling as well, and they begin to feel safe to open up and share.

Restore is the place to realize you are not alone. Restoration is possible – if not for your marriage, for you!

About the 1-Day Online Video Conferencing Workshop

You’ll Learn About:

  • The sexual addiction cycle and why he does what he does
  • Triggers & boundaries
  • Self-care
  • Grieving
  • Forgiveness
  • Redemption
Watch this short video invitation from Shelley Martinkus, the presenter at the Restore Workshop, who gives reasons why you should attend and what to expect.


Women dealing with the pain and trauma of an affair and are looking for healing after sexual betrayal. Women whose husband, boyfriend or father is in to porn, strip clubs, prostitutes, sexting, voyeurism, cross dressing, or same sex attraction.

Attendees must be 18 years of age or older.

7 AM – 6:10 PM PT
8 AM – 7:10 PM MT
9 AM – 8:10 PM CT
10 AM – 9:10 PM ET

Attendance for all sessions is required

  • 6 teaching sessions
  • 5 small process group sessions facilitated by a credentialed New Life Network Counselor
  • 4 weekly phone coaching sessions following the workshop

If you cancel, you’ll receive a refund of the amount you’ve paid minus a $100 administration fee per person.

SHELLEY MARTINKUS: Shelley’s entire world changed years ago when she confronted her husband and demanded the truth about his secret life of infidelity. Little did Shelley know that his recovery from sexual addiction would be the impetus for her to begin looking honestly at her life-her past and her brokenness-and begin seeking healing and wholeness for herself and her marriage. Shelley speaks to many different audiences about her story and the story of their recovery. She and Jason also speak together, helping others find healing in their relationship after sexual betrayal, and they provide training and information to professionals and lay people who are helping those in recovery. Her first book, Rescued, released in 2015. She is also a contributor for MOPs and writes blogs.

Listen to this interview with Shelley Martinkus about how the Restore workshop can put you on the path to hope and healing after sexual betrayal.

Listen to this interview Steve had with Shelley about why you should attend the workshop and the betrayal trauma effects porn has on women.

Throughout the day you will breakout in to a small process group facilitated by a credentialed New Life Network Counselor. It is common for some who are not familiar with the group process to feel anxious and uncertain about this part of the workshop. Be assured your facilitator will create a safe space to process what you are learning in the main sessions. She is experienced in working with sexual betrayal trauma and recovery. There is a ratio of one counselor for every eight to ten attendees.

You will experience support and connection with others in your group. Many alum say this the best part of the day!

The workshop will be held through the use of online video conferencing. Attendees must have:

  • A computer or tablet with audio and video capabilities
  • An internet speed sufficient for live stream video (Please note New Life is not responsible for any technical issues with your device and no refunds will be given should your device not be able to adequately stream this workshop.)
  • A private room where you will be able to focus on the content being presented and interact with your fellow group members with no distractions

Yes, your registration fee includes 4 weeks of group phone coaching starting the week after the workshop. These sessions will meet via a conference call.


Listen to this interview with Diane who attended the Restore – Healing after Betrayal workshop.

Listen to this interview with Donna who attended the Restore – Healing after Betrayal workshop.

Listen to this interview with Jean who attended the Restore – Healing after Betrayal workshop.

I am grateful that the focus was truly upon my heart’s condition. I have tried a variety of strategies in the past and failed. I have recently come to understand that I cannot “white knuckle” this and beat it in my own strength. I am walking away hopeful for true renewal and restoration.”

New Life - Addiction and Betrayal WorkshopsDenise

The degree of acceptance and non-judgmental love that I received from the staff as I arrived for this weekend opened the door of receptivity in my soul.”

New Life - Addiction and Betrayal WorkshopsSarah

I was surprised at the power of relationship. How strange is it that you put a bunch of strangers together and eventually they share more than if they were brothers. Obviously you guys know what you are doing. God bless you all!

New Life - Addiction and Betrayal WorkshopsJill

Upcoming Online Workshop:

February 27


Registrations End at Noon CT 2/26

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