The heart of each New Life Weekend Workshop is the connection experienced within the small groups. Each small group is facilitated by a New Life Network Counselor. The group process is new for many workshop attendees, but those willing to fully participate find it to be the greatest part of their weekend experience. Why? Because connection is essential to recovery and healing!

New Life Ministries created the Sustained Healing Coaching program as a great next right step for sustaining the deep connections formed in the workshop small groups and for continuing the healing journey attendees began during the New Life Weekend Workshop. For $125 a month, participants can continue what they began at the workshop.

Each Sustained Healing Coaching group is formed from workshop alumni who were in the same small group. Those group members have already shared their stories, shown each other compassion, and demonstrated a willingness to support each other in their efforts to experience growth and life change. The forward momentum toward change gains speed in the Sustained Healing Coaching groups.

With a trained group coach, each small group member considers what steps to take once the workshop is over. Each group meets at the same day and time each week and gets connected via telephone/video. Members of a Sustained Healing Coaching group share each other’s victories and defeats, and continue experiencing support and encouragement with those whose support has already been a help.

Take the next right step to your transformed life. Attend a New Life Weekend Workshop, and continue your healing journey by staying connected and joining a Sustained Healing Coaching group!

*Sustained Healing Coaching is for those who have attended any of our previous workshops.