New Life Coaching Network

We have a nationwide network of certified Christian Coaches who look forward to encouraging you and developing strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams. The Network certified Christian coaches have been interviewed, have had their certifications verified, have agreed with New Life Ministries’ statement of faith, and are excited to be part of the transforming ministry of New Life.  Download New Life Ministries Coaches FAQ (PDF 458kb)

Your first session is free when you have paid a $99 registration fee to New Life, which helps us with costs associated with providing this resource.  New Life Ministries is a non-profit ministry that seeks to provide resources that will help you with life challenges.

Call now to find a Christian Coach: 800-639-5433

Are you a Certified Life Coach? Join our Coaching Network

If you are a Christian Life Coach and would like to be a part of New Life Coaching Network,
call us at 800-New-Life (639-5433) or click here to email us.

What’s the difference between a coach and a counselor? Listen to the explanation from Chris Williams, co-host of New Life Live! and a licensed counselor.

What are the benefits you can receive from having a coach? Listen to these words from Dr. Alice Benton, co-host of New Life Live! and a clinical psychologist.